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Purity of Peace

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Not all who are born to insignificance can hold it up for long. Sometimes you just have to admit... some change the world in ways they will never realize.


A group of Pokèmon were sneaking thtough the woods. Well, not exactly sneaking. The lavender of an Espeon's fur wasn't the most camoflaged color in a dark pine forest. Niether was a Persian's cream pelt. But they were doing the best they could. They had managed to sneak past a battle not far from the forest. The battles... they're getting closer. If they reach us... Moonflower is one of the two last remaining cities in the war. Many have come here from Starlight. So many homes will be lost. And we'll never get everyone to Peace alive. The war is breaking us all down. The Espeon thought. "Council Member Amythist! We have to hurry!" A Bounsweet whisper-yelled. Right. We have to return to Moonflower as soon as we can. With hope, everything will be fine. Zephyr will be fine. An so will my daughter.

Chapter One - The New Girl

Peace was never the busy city that all others were. Unlike most cities, which were hidden well but easy to reach and launfh an attack on. Peace was also hidden away... hardly anyone suspected the slash-like valley in a mountain to conceal a city that was the last thing some were holding on to. For some, it was the only home they'd ever known. That included a certain Eevee. Peace was never the one for violence. Exitement? Yes please! But no fighting. She'd always dreaded the fighting classes required for all students to take. As if the war could ever fall down into the valley! Peace sighed, climbing out of her hammock. She could hear her mother, Alora, cutting berries in the kitchen. Her father must have already gone to work. Her sister, Faith, was still asleep. "Fai... wake up. It's school." She poked the light brown Eevee with a paw. "Too earlyyyy..." "Our first class today is Science..." "AAAAAAH!!! I'M WAKE!" Her sister feel out of her own hammock. It always worked like this on school days. Ms. Torrae, a Froslass who worked as the science teacher at their school, wasn't the nicest in the world. "Then come on. We're supposed to meet with Roxanne in five minutes." Peace, Faith, and Roxanne arrived- thankfully -just a minute or two before class began. The science room was by far Peace's favorite room, from the platforms hanging from the cieling that were overgrown with flowers and plants, to the small reading places in every corner, to the murals painted on the walls by a few talanted students over a break. She sat down at her desk, next to a window. Someone poked her. "Heeey! Peas!" She turned to look at an Orkit with a flurry of white spots next to his eyes. "Flickerrrr, I told you not to call me Peas!" "But your name sounds like iiiiit!" "Shut uuup!" "QUIET!" The teacher yelled, before muttering something like, "It's always the same ones..." But her muttering was innterupted by the principal, a Typhlosion, walking in. Everyone was used to seeing him walking in classrooms randomly, but it was who everyone suddenly turned to. An Eevee that Peace had never seen before, not even around the city. She had dark, almost black fur, with bandages wrapped around most of the left side of her face, with a few violet and white flowers woven into them. Her uncovered eye was lavender. "Hello, my name is Morning-Glory. I am the only survivor of the attack at Moonflower."

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