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Both Vio and Aurabelle both cringed at the sound check, then listened intently as Sol spoke. Clearly the guy wanted the best for everyone here. "Hey, Vio," Aurabelle whispered. "Think he'll be your teacher?" "Mmmhh. I guess," Vio muttered, staring at the floor between his feet. The sooner this ended the better.

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Rook stood idle while waving his body back and forth and glancing from the speakers to the students. He was only half paying attention and was allowing his own thoughts to wander as he took things in. He felt strong anticipation of excitement and nervousness, which made him quiver slightly, He was curious about the other hybrids but didn't know how or when to approach.
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(It's finally happening, rp is starting up! Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience.) Ms. Agave had somehow already gotten up on stage, tapping the microphone. "Everyone? Please be seated, our headmaster has some announcements to make. Mr. Valencia, thank you for the speech." A tall, black-haired woman walked onstage, wearing plain blue clothes and a necklace with a single spike pendant. She took the microphone from Ms. Agave, smiling to the crowd. "Hello. I am Miss Lucario, the headmaster at this school. We aim to provide a learning environment for hybrid students, offering classes in both conventional topics as well as teaching you how to control and perfect your Pokemon forms. On behalf of all the staff here, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to the Hybrid School. Your mentors will be coming around shortly to inform you of where you will be grouped." She paused for a moment before continuing. "If you believe there is any sort of problem, please go to the office and we will be able to reassign you. Thank you for your time, please remain seated until your mentor comes to speak with you." She walked off the stage, Ms. Agave accepting the microphone from her. (Mentors, please go and collect your students. Check the thread for student assignments. If you think it's a bit uneven, please talk to me and I'll shuffle things around.)
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"What do you mean by that." She asked bluntly, yawning slightly and rubbing her eye. ". . . It might be almost done," She mumbled to herself, glancing back at the auditorium doors.
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Both Vio and Aurabelle stayed where they are, watching as the teachers milled about the auditorium. She turned to the boy, and to Najima. "Think we'll be able to have the same mentors?" she asked. Vio just shrugged. He kinda liked Mr. Valencia, but really, he doesn't care who he gets as a mentor. Just so long as he can learn to get this illusion ability under control. The sooner his mentor, whoever they are, let him know of his assignment the sooner he would meet with the Lilligant woman.
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Diana sighed. She put away her paint and checked her watch. The speach was over. “Oh well.” She muttered. She looked up at Iama. “I suppose we should be getting to our mentors.” Diana didn’t want to admit it, but she did need help with her abilites. Lylah felt a rush of nervousness as the mentors spilled out across the auditorium. “Who do you think you got?“ She asked Shawn. She hoped they had the same mentor, but she didn’t know for sure.
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"Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it." Najima said with a small shrug, dark ears flicking and swiveling this way and that, listening to everything going on around her "Wonder who I'll get though..."
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When the person at the microphone changed from the previous speaker to a new one, Casey listened...only to find out that they were basically acting as a transition to the headmaster. Well, whatever. At least they were hearing from the person the school was named after now. And this time, it was much more brief, though no less welcoming. With the end of Miss Lucario's speech, came the collection of students by the mentors. Not really able to do a whole lot else, Casey remained where she was, keeping her wheelchair where she'd parked it and waiting for her teacher to arrive.
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"No idea. Hope I get a good teacher though." Shawn said, his eyes scanning the crowd for the people who might be his teacher. He hoped for someone who was strong. Not that he wanted to fight them, but he didn't like the idea of having a quiet, stuttering soft person as a teacher. He preferred someone with some strength to their teaching.
Theo had taken a step or two back from Casey after helping her, and like his brother on the other side of the auditorium he was looking around to see if he could spot the teachers moving through the crowd.
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A rapid pounding of footsteps echoed through the halls of the academy, as a Snivy gyjinka ran in to the auditorium, slipping on a bit of floor and landing face first into a podium, getting a nosebleed in the progress. She covered her bloody nose with her scarf and walked over to a seat, next to a Shiny Eevee. She abidly tried to strike up a conversation, which she started with this; "E-excuse me for plonking myself down next to you, is it ok if we..er...hang a bit if you know what i mean? Don't mind the nosebleed, and my nane's Trinity." She awkwardly waited for a response, clearing up blood in the progress.
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