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Mass-Click Weekend 53

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So we've had a Variant and a Totem, time to get back to a traditional Mega Stone! This month's event will take place on March 30th and 31st, and your target is the same as usual: 10,000 interactions. Successful completion of the Mass-Click Weekend target will reward you with one of these:
Click here to view the MCW event page! Event Discussion thread
  • When can I start clicking for the MCW? A: Please re-read the above. The dates are very specific. Also note that these dates are going by Server Time (UTC).
  • Do I need the Mega Ring? A: To earn Mega Stones and Vouchers from this Event, no. To redeem Mega Stone Vouchers and use Mega Stones to Mega Evolve a Pokémon, yes.
  • Do we have to click the target each day? A: No, you don't. The target is to be completed over the span of both days - not separately. So if you click on Saturday and Sunday, both days will count towards the goal. If you only interact on Saturday, only that day will count and vice versa for Sunday.
  • Where can I keep track of my interactions? A: A link is available in the post above where you will be able to see your progress for the event.
  • I completed it! When and where will I get the reward? A: The Monday right after at just after midnight server time, if not stated otherwise. It will be automatically placed in your Trade Centre Collection Area and an announcement will be posted that it has been distributed.
  • Everyone got the reward except for me! What happened? A: Unfortunately, if the reward was given out and you didn't receive it, you failed to reach the target.
We hope you enjoy!
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Hello users! I am pleased to announce that the Mega Stone Scraftite Q has been added to PokéFarm! A total of 1,953 users successfully completed the interaction target and have received this new Stone. If you are one of these people, you should be able to find it in your Trade Centre's Collection Area. Thank you for your participation, and we hope you like this new addition to our family!

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