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Survival of the Fitest

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CHAPTER 1: GHOST TYPES "Shinx! I choose you!" Slowpoke said pokeball in her paws. "Wern't you told, NOT to disrupt me!?" Shinx yelled at Slowpoke. "Break it up, break it up," said Deerling calmly. They abanden their pokeballs and take a walk. Eventualy, they get lost. "where are we?" Shinx said shakeily. A floating skull drifts toards the spooky tree they were standing by. "A duskull," explained Deerling. It glairs at them, giving Shinx, Slowpoke, and Deerling the chills. "GET OUT!" muttered Duskull under his breath. "GET OUT!!!" he repeated, louder, and louder, and even louder. "LEAVE!!!" They scream, and run, the Duskull is on their tail. Him and a Pumkuboo corner them. To escape, Shinx uses "thunder terrain" to straingthen her attack, then, "thunder shock." They are safe now. CHAPTER 2: KISS AND TELL

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