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The Island Games! [DnD Inspired Trainer RP!]

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She decided to let her team vote on that. All three voted for the right. Figures she thought, they might be a little hungry. MIght face off a bear 'mon, though. She gave a shrug. "okay, you guys. Just be sure to keep an eye out and stick close to me." they all gave a nod. "Thanks." and thus, the girl and her team all went to the right path, Cindy leading the way.
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The Sandygast sunk away into the beach with the team watching as it happened.Talia was fairly mad at Twix for what he got them into."*sigh*Twix what was that for? Nevermind, lets just head back to the tavern for a while.", Talia replied. Wave noticed the chance for a nice break. (Talia is now open for interacting)
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Trainer: Ahyla Age: 20 Challenges: 0
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having been in a different region up until the beginning of the Island Games, Ahyla was arriving a little behind schedule. Her dislike of boats and sea travel didn’t help anything. But she had finally arrived, and after receiving her three partners for the duration of the game, the blonde girl had made her way to the tavern where she located her room and unpacked. Once her room was settled, Ahyla made her way back outside, staying within a few feet of the building before letting her three new partners out, it was time for her to get to know them. (Ahyla is free to be interacted with!)
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DM POST!! Gif from the official pokemon anime!

@Sen/Juvante The forest would quickly consume Juvante and his team, the way back seemingly lost in the undergrowth. Despite the island's heat this place seemed cool, as little light poked through the trees above. As he would continue deeper and deeper he would hear a faint ... Buzzing? Would he investigate or turn around, hopefully finding his way back to the path that had led them there?
@scørkaji/Cindy The path they had chosen was ripe with berries. Numerous oran berries hung within reach of Cindy, ripe for the picking. If she noticed them, she could maybe carry a few back with her. However it seems as if the little berry grove is alive with activity, pokemon flitting back and forth. Would she be taking from their grove or simply sharing in a snack?
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“Ahh.... so this is what the place looks like!” Io cast a glance around the tavern room she had been given, a grin stretching across her face as her blue eyes twinkled madly. She had run late due to an unexpected rough patch on her trip here (and really, the sailors in charge of the ship could have done with more experience, in her humble opinion.) but she was here now, and wasn’t that what mattered? Brushing her blonde bangs back from her forehead so they didn’t cover her eyes, Io palmed the pokeballs on her hip before pressing all three buttons with a sharp click, watching as her new partners materialized. Well, if they were going to be a team from now on, might as well get to know each other right?
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Juvante was minding his own buisness in the forest path.The leaves shielded his team from the sunlight, leaving specks of light passing unto the leafy ground. His ears perked up as he heard a buzzing sound. "Hmm?" He turned his body to the direction of the noise. "Are you all ready?" He turns to his team. His grubbin was excited to fight on this unknown pokemon. As for the others, they seem to be in full alert, nodding to their trainer despite feeling stuffy here. "Alright then." The dark skinned african american nods back and silently heads towards the sound, making sure that no leaves are stomped on.
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DM POST!! *Second Challenge Beginning!* Gif from the official pokemon anime!

@Sen/Juvante The buzzing would quickly stop at the sound of Juvante's question to his pokemon. The forest would become an suddenly uneasy silent until... A rather angry looking Beedril would appear from a bush, aggressively flashing his stingers at the trainer and his pokemon. It was clear that he seemed to be defending some sort of nest by the way he postured. How would the trainer proceed now?
Challenge Beginning~ (Just putting a beginning out now so people can start finishing their solo explorations and begin noticing the beginning of a new event.) Back at the Tavern the staff seemed to be fidgety and anxious. To anyone sitting in the mess hall would hear from the nearby kitchen a radio broadcast forecasting a tropical storm on the way to the very island they were on. If anyone would ask a staff member what was going on they would be told it seemed a storm was coming. While the sky was a beautiful blue as far as the eye could see one would notice the choppy waters and sudden breeze. Various staff members would occasionally go outside and place tarp over containers or bring in outside patio equipment.
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"Oh no, Already? I just arrived!" Says a new trainer who goes by the name: Orange. Orange had come from his plane when he saw water was getting choppy and the winds were picking up." Cmon you three, Let's go to the tavern quickly! Arrives a couple minutes later." Hm a little small but I like it! What about you three?" All nod in agreement." Well, I heard the second challenge was susposed to start soon." I guess we shall wait for the weather to calm down first." Oranges team consisted of an Eevee named Lucky, A sandyghast named Spooks , and a Tympole named Lucy." Orange is also sitting down in the main area. Lucy and Spooks are sound asleep in their pokeballs." "Lucky, are you as excited as I am? "Lucky the Eevee squeals in agreement." "There are quite a few people here, Maybe I'll get to know them throughout the time in here!" Lucky the Eevee Yawns and Falls Asleep next to Orange". Orange comforts the eevee while it sleeps next to him."
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Theo Murillo ♂ | ♂ | After drawing for a lengthy period of time Theo set his sketchbook down on the bed in his tavern room, stretching his arms. Even if he wasn't done with the drawings yet he had other matters to attend to. 'I can finish the drawings later today.' he thought to himself while getting up from the bed. Theo looked over at his team, Peyote had fallen asleep while Mango and Little Bit looked like they were talking to each other. Cute. 'I wonder what they're saying...' Theo walked towards the twosome, trying his best to avoid waking Peyote. "Hey-" Theo began to say, before he could finish his sentence however he was interrupted by the commotion outside his tavern room. What was going on? Peyote opened his eyes, a confused look on his face. "I guess we should see what's happening." Theo said, his team agreeing. They all left the tavern room, looking for a staff member to question. From what he was told, a storm was coming. He thanked the staff member and turned to his team. "I had planned to train you three later today in preparation for the second challenge but I guess that will have to wait until the storm passes." Theo sighed.
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Having missed the first challenge the woman was rather angry with herself and her team, all of whom had missed the challenge due to the giant hole they had dug while she looked away and she had to spend time rescuing them. Back at the tavern the woman could only scoff as she heard the whispers of a storm coming. How bad could it be? A little rain and wind would make for a boring day stuck inside, why would anyone be worried about that? Perhaps another event had been planned and the upcoming storm would set it back, was what Lydia reasoned as she pushed away her own growing anxiety about the storm that seemed to be upsetting the staff and her fellow competitors. Telling her pokemon to stay inside the rooms to avoid another unfortunate hole incident Lydia would find herself standing next to Theo and his team. "So uh, a storm's coming? Why are people afraid of a little rain?" Lydia said jokingly, waving her hands dismissively as a staff member would rush by her, ropes in her arms.

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