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exp lock... doesn't lock down the level? (answered!)

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kStormGemini's AvatarkStormGemini
kStormGemini's Avatar
thanks for helping guys. i'm gonna lock the thread now since it's been answered! ^_^ original post/question: i looked on wiki and around here but can't find something to explain how the "exp lock" works. i had Thought it meant that my pokémon wouldn't continue to level up with it on but that doesn't seem to be the case. i wanted to keep her at a certain level (at least until the mate i had decided on for her got closer to her level) but she's still leveling with interactions. if that's not the purpose of the "exp lock" what Is the point of having it... and why Isn't it the point...? thank you for your answers in advance. ~edit reason: dyslexia kicked in. apologies... Again. [sighs heavily] need a nap.
Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
Is your pokemon in the daycare? If so, that would explain it. The lock is only for gaining EXP via interactions.
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kStormGemini's AvatarkStormGemini
kStormGemini's Avatar
even though i locked it before putting her there? so that means we can't use them in breeding and keep them a certain level...? huh. ah well, okay. thanks for the tip then. kind of makes me a little sad but oh well.
coolgina's Avatarcoolgina
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if the partner is in the daycare at a similar level, they will both level at the same rate. the differemce in level won't change, so your egg chances won't be negatively effected ^^
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kStormGemini's AvatarkStormGemini
kStormGemini's Avatar
ah okay. thanks for the help. ^^

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