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eclipsedmoon's Avatareclipsedmoon
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I got pokerus earlier in the day and I notice a lot of people keep tabs of how often they get pokerus on their pages. They have a little pink bar that looks like the one that shows on your page when you do have it. However, I'm not sure how to do this/which code to use, does anyone know what to use?
xenox's Avatarxenox
xenox's Avatar
[img]https://pfq-static.com/img/types/pkrs.png/t=1452547618[/img] Should give you this:
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Zen's AvatarZen
Zen's Avatar
Do you mean this?
If so, you'll need to also wrap the code xenox gave in a tip bbcode. I'll put it below. [tip=number here][img]https://pfq-static.com/img/types/pkrs.png[/img][/tip] You can find out more on bbcode on the Wiki as well as in this guide to BBCode.
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eclipsedmoon's Avatareclipsedmoon
eclipsedmoon's Avatar
Thank you both so much!

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