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IAmScreaminq's AvatarIAmScreaminq
IAmScreaminq's Avatar
It was autumn.
The leaves were turning gold and amber, falling from the branches they grew from, making a carpet for the woodlands. The air was still warm, and the sun was bright as ever.
A Minun was sitting up in a tree that still had most of its leaves, away from the eyes of any Pokemon aiming to hunt him. He got there by jumping up from lower branches of adjacent trees, finally making it here. A river flowed not too far away. Inside it, a Quagsire lay in wait for it's prey. Minun smiles a bit, watching. A group of Wishiwashi sped downstream, but three weren't paying enough attention and flew into the Quagsire's mouth. Minun sighs and jumped down from the tree. Watching the Quagsire get his meal was making him hungry. Minun slowly approached the river and caught sight of another coming group of Wishiwashi. Minun breathed as slowly as possible, dived down, and tried to catch one in his mouth, but all the nearest ones dodged him. Minun's tail gave an agitated twitch, and he tried again, met with another failiure. Minun was about to give up, but in moments, he convinced himself at one last try. He dived forward to catch one of the fish Pokemon, and fell into the river. He made it out, however, with a Wishiwashi squirming in his mouth. Minun held it in his arms and thought to himself, 'Never had these before, but I haven't found any berries for ages, I might as well..."
After his meal, Minun was laying down, waiting for it to digest enough for him to not feel a stomachache every time he moved. He couldn't help but smile. Life out here is good.
A shame it wouldn't last that long.
IAmScreaminq's AvatarIAmScreaminq
IAmScreaminq's Avatar
Chapter 1
Minun was walking alongside the river, minding his buisness, when all of a sudden he heard someone calling for him. "You! Minun! Stop! I need to talk to you!" He turned around to see an Espeon running towards him. She was wearing somewhat tight looking 'anklets' around all four paws as well and a similar 'necklace'. It had alternating Unfezant tail feathers and Chatot wing feathers. Minun smiled. It was the forest's Prophet. She stopped in front of him, panting. When she caught her breath, she said, "Come along, Minun. We really need to talk."
Prophet had led Minun to a cave within a small hill. It was filled with beautiful crystals of many kinds and colours, and at the end was a pool of water, and on the wall was a jewel carving of Xerneas in an extremely noble pose. The jewels shone pink, blue, and gold. Prophet sat by the pool and guestured for him to come forward to the pool.
"As you know, we have three leaders, each gaining their leadership in one of three ways." Prophet moved her paw along the pool, and a shining image appeared of a Stantler looking over the top of a cliff. "Stantler, elected by the vote of the Pokemon of the Forest of Xerneas." She moved the pool's water again, changing the image to a beautiful Tsareena. She appeared to be congratulating a Leafeon on their newborn. "Tsareena, having gained her leadership by family right." Prophet changed the image to a Nidoking fighting off a hoard of Pokemon appearing to be floating rags with faces. "What are those things?" Minun asked. "They are called Shuppet. They're from the Desert of Volcanion." Prophet said. "Huh. Never seen those before." Minun said. Prophet smiles a bit. "That's good. Anyway, Nidoking gained his role by climbing to the top rank of our Centaurion Guard."
Prophet's face fell. She seemed rather unhappy. Minun shuffled forwards a bit. "What's wrong, Your Grace?" The Psychic type looked up, tears in her eyes. "The Forest is in grave danger."
IAmScreaminq's AvatarIAmScreaminq
IAmScreaminq's Avatar
Chapter 2
Minun felt like his heart stopped for a moment, and he fell silent. "Allow me to explain..." Prophet said. "Like us, an area known as the Peaks of Zapdos have three leaders, but unlike us, one has gained complete control by fear. Even the other two leaders fear him. These 'other two' are..." She swiped at the pool, showing a strange winged creature flying over the cloudy skies. "Swoobat, having been elected by those of the peaks." She swiped again, now showing a reptilian creature hiding in a cave, looking gloomy. "Scrafty, gaining his lead by family right." And then tears began falling down her face. "Who... who's the third leader? The bad one?" Minun said, his voice shaking. Prophet looked up and whimpered, "My brother... he left me for them and now he's become a monster..." She swiped the pool, showing the biggest Jolteon he's ever seen. The Electric-type Pokemon looked over his shoulder at a brown bird Pokemon across the room he was in. "Staravia! Bring one of..." Jolteon chuckled, "Them... forth...." Staravia shuddered and chirped, "Yes, sire!" and flew off. Staravia returned with a brown and yellow Shiinotic. Minun gasped. This Pokemon was a centaurion... and his best friend. Jolteon laughed, sparking with electricity, charging forward. Shiinotic prepared to battle, but he quickly realized he'd never win.
Then the pool went blank.
Minun shuddered. Jolteon had taken his friend away. He couldn't let that monster get away with it. He can't let Jolteon do this to anyone else. Tears fell down his face. "I have to stop him." Prophet sighed.
"You can't do this alone, Minun..."

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