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Mudkip: ...um? Hey, do you guys have a heartie- The Jigglypuffs suddenly burst into song!!!


You fell asleep very quickly!
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xx3o7 wished he had a lum berry
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare klilits (fusion no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: missings (sun looking unkown no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join


you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
Fluffy the Furret strolled into the pink dungeon. "Hey, why are you guys sleeping? Hello?" Fluffy said, poking the sleeping Pokemon. He looked up and saw horde of Jigglypuff. "Golly, it's a good thing I bought that TM of Flamethrower!". Fluffy said, after activating the TM and using Flamethrower on the pink puffballs. (Furret can actually learn Flamethrower by TM)
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Ebony meandered over to the quest board. She had prcrastinated doing them for too long.
F2U Melan Bait LF: ZC | H: CR + GP PFP by Me
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New Quests: -Tyrouge -Politoed -Clamperl -Klang -Bounsweet -Gastly
Ebony decided to go out and help the Ghastly. Should be easy enough.
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
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(did the jiggliypuffs stop singing?)
(I'm kinda wondering what Zera can do at this point...)
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Caramel123's AvatarCaramel123
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Mudkip: Oh nose!!! (Mudkip by a group of scary ghosties, help him!)
(I'm assuming thats for me because gastly) Ebony looked at the mudkip. Due to being a dark type, she had the type advantage over the spoopy ghosts. "Excuse me ghosts, could you kindly vacate the area?" She prepares to be confused.

Pages: 123··· 424344454647

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