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thefob17's Avatarthefob17
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I just joined the game 2 months ago, and I am sorely inept at it. I just have some questions regarding pricing of some special 'mons. Shiny Gallade Shiny Farfetch'd Shiny Charizard Shiny M E G A Umbreon Albino M E G A Raichu Delta-Dark Solosis Would appreciate it if I could get answers in all 3 currencies! ~thefob
Zen's AvatarZen
Zen's Avatar
They're worth whatever you think they're worth. You can always browse the trade threads to see what people are selling shinies and albinos for, and base your prices off that. Or you can do an auction for them, either as a whole or have the bids per pokemon. You can also make a trade thread, asking for people to offer what they want to pay and accept whatever offer you like best. Note that most evolved mons don't sell for much, even when they're specials or mega.
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Mareep's AvatarMareep
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They are worth what you want them to be worth is wrong and not really helpful The problem with prices is that there are no set ones, like every albino costs 200gp or so. That means we can't give you a price that everyone will be willing to pay. In general pokemon with high EXP eggs are worth more than mons with low EXP eggs, unevolved pokemon are worth more than evolved ones and megas go for more than non-megas. Then throw in how many are on the site and how popular the specific pokemon is. I do agree with zen that a good way to learn about prices is to browse the trade forum and see what others sell their stuff for. If you find ranges between 50 and 150gp, always start high and see if you can sell stuff for the higher price To give you some price ranges to start (these are what I personally find fair. Don't take these as set. Some people pay more, some less). I use 1=5=5k. Some people are still using 1:6:6k 5k exp shinies usually go for ~40-150gp for the shiny mega, I'd add ~150-200gp, since that is how much a megastone tier 5 voucher costs, minus a bit, since it's preevolved raichu is low exp, so I'd say 50-100gp for the pokemon, plus again 150-200gp for the mega stone deltas that don't have fitting colours (like a grass bulbasaur), don't go for too much, maybe 20-50gp? Again, if you're not sure, start higher, you can always lower the price later. If you're asking people to offer, keep in mind that most people are looking for a good deal and probably offer on the lower site first Hope that helps
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thefob17's Avatarthefob17
thefob17's Avatar
Wow, thanks a lot!!

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