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Hybrids RP

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This RP was originally made by Fennekava. They are not going to be active in this, so I made the thread. JirachiStar5525 co-runs the RP. Setup here!


1. All PFQ rules apply. 2. No legendaries are allowed as students or mentors. 3. No student should be very powerful. (level 15 should be the maximum). 4. There is a limit of 5 characters per person. The recommended number is two or three. 5. Only one variant (Shiny, Albino, Melan, other coloration) character is allowed per person. 6. No Gen 8 content. It's hard to RP when everything is in a spoiler box. 7. A disrespect for the rules will get you a warning. Further rule-breaking may lead to a temporary ban.

Character Lists

Student List

Iama (Glaceon)

Username: IamaDaBoi (or Iama works) Name: Iama Pokemon Species: Glaceon Personality: Iama is usually a person who's quite... emotionless? She's apathetic and doesn't really care about other people. Or at least, that's what's on the surface. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Dawn Appearance(Image link or description): Iama as a human has short bangs, of which, 4 long strips of hair grow out from the sides of the bangs. She has long hair. She wears a blue sweater with bandages wrapped around her neck. And she wears black sweatpants.

Jo (Eevee)

Username: Lulu Rina Name: Jo Pokemon Species: Eevee Personality: She's kind, curious, and adventurous, however she doesn't have the best people skills. She loves to hang out with others, but dislikes to have long conversations with them. Usually when things get too long for her liking, she'll start talking less and less. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Dawn Appearance(Image link or description): As a human, she has short brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears a red bow in her hair and has a pink short-sleeved t-shirt and black pants. When its hot, she puts on her blue jacket. When she transforms, she's just a normal Eevee exept that she keeps the red bow.

Echo (Noibat)

Username: La.ti.as Name: Echo Phocany Pokemon Species: Noibat, level 15 (Age: 16 years) Personality: Echo apparently doesn't know the meaning of the word "introverted." She's the life of the party, and seems to make friends wherever she goes. One thing you won't find her without is a pair of headphones with spikes sticking up, closely resembling the ears of her Pokemon form. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): (None, so far) Appearance: Echo wears her hair in two long ponytails, dyed with purple streaks in random lines. She has bright, yellow-green eyes, with stud earrings to match. Her outfit usually consists of a purple, translucent shirt with too-large sleeves, and a darker, long-sleeved shirt underneath. Echo has multiple pairs of worn jeans, all with holes from repeated use. The knees are particularly scuffed. She wears flip-flops when able, but tends to stick to one pair of purple sneakers during colder months. She's fairly tall, and doesn't seem to be done growing.

Cici (Cinccino)

Username: JirachiStar5525 Name: Cici Pokemon Species: Cinccino Personality: Shy, but very idiot-intolerant. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Miss Agave Appearance(Image link or description): In human form, she wears a gray dress with a white scarf and has snow-white hair. Sometimes her Cinccino ears pop out when she's shocked.

Ash (Rockruff)

Username: DarkWolfy Name: Ash Pokemon Species: Lycanroc (Midday) Personality: Sometimes very stubborn, but knows when to listen. She always has a joke. She can't really stand people in general, but manages to put up with them. Somehow. She gets along with the more outgoing people. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Ms. Agave Appearance(Image link or description): As a human, Ash's hair is a natural black, with dyed strips of grey. She wears a dark blue hoodie, faded black jeans, and a pair of bright green sneakers to contrast the rest of her dark-themed outfit. 17 years old, level 10.

Iestyn (Shiny Charmander)

Username: Again? DarkWolfy Name: Iestyn (aye-ES-tyn) Pokemon Species: Shiny Charmander Personality: Very short-tempered. He attempts to remain calm, but it doesn't always work Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Ehh pick for me XD Appearance(Image link or description): As a human, Iestyn has dark brown hair hidden beneath a baseball cap. He wears a short-sleeved shirt that shows off his slightly orangish-coloured, buff arms. He has blue jeans and black work boots. 16 years old, level 9.

Aurabelle (Riolu)

Username: AuracleOfBacon Name: Aurabelle Saira Pokemon Species: Riolu, lv. 3 (Age: 15) Personality: An outgoing individual, it's not hard to be friends with her, and if you wrong her, it's that much easier to be considered a jerk by her. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Agave Appearance(Image link or description): In Pokemon form, she resembles a normal Riolu. In human form, she has short blue-black hair, with most of the blue highlights on top, making it look more like blue hair with black shadows. She's more of a t-shirt and pants, kind of person, with sneakers that complement the look. Her eyes are the same shade of red as a Riolu's, and she generally wears a black shirt with a pale yellow collar, blue jeans, and black sneakers. On each wrist is a black band with what appears to be a moonstone on the same side as the back of the wrist.

Vio (Melan Zorua)

Username: AuracleOfBacon Name: Vio Skarasko Pokemon Species: Melanistic Zorua, lv. 1 (Age: 15) Personality: Shiny Pokemon are rare enough as it is, Albinos a gift. Melanism, however, is a curse. Vio has always spent his life withdrawn, never making any attempt at friends. He always seems to be alone, a lone wolf, as it were. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Agave Appearance(Image link or description): In pokemon form, imagine a Zorua with a darker version of Shiny Zoroark's colors. In human form, it's as follows: dark-skinned and eyes a dark gold, Vio favors dark clothing - shirts, pants, jacket. The only exception are his shoes and fingerless gloves, both pairs the same shade of dark purple as his hair, which is rather short with a sort of cowlick in front.

Magica (Melan Ducklett)

Username: Name:Kajiban Pokemon Species: Melanistic Ducklett Personality: Magica, despite her name, is actually one of the sweetest things you will ever meet. she's caring, kind, and considerate. More like some mix between Queen Whatevra Wan'abi and Launchpad, when ya think about it. Mentor or Student? Student Mentor (if student): Mrs. Dawn i guess? Appearance(Image link or description): Magica is about 15 with black, long hair and sorta darkish olive skin. Her eyes are black, and she wears a pale blue frilly dress in similairity to duckletts body fur/feathers/whatever. i'm not sure. she also wears black mary janes and light blue socks.

Mentor List

Ms. Dawn (Meowstic)

Username: JirachiStar5525 Name: Dawn Pokemon Species: Meowstic Personality: Impatient and sassy, but kind. Mentor or Student? Mentor Mentor (if student): None Appearance(Image link or description):Here.

Mrs. Agave (Shiny Lilligant)

Username: La.ti.as Name: Lilac Agave Pokemon Species: Lilligant, level 85 (SHINY) (Age: 45 years) Personality: Ms. Agave is patient and kind with the young students that come her way. She's happy to have long talks with students that need problems solved, and is known as someone you can reliably go to if you need help. She has very little tolerance for bullying or anything of the sort, and you'll soon find out how serious she can be. Mentor or Student? Mentor Mentor (if student): (N/A) Appearance: Ms. Agave always seems to have a different flower in her hair, which seems to naturally grow green. She has soft violet eyes, and wears a broad golden necklace that doesn't seem to be made of metal. She tends to wear a dress, which although it isn't that fancy, seems to suit her quite well. Lilac wears yellow high heels while teaching, but is happy to kick back with some soft slippers at home. Her nails are painted a light blue, and she wears bracelets up her arms of the same color.

Current Events

Madam Lucario's School for Hybrids is in session.
The RP is now open! Everyone, welcome to the Hybrids RP!
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