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StarLine - Crossover [Setup]

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Absolutiones's AvatarAbsolutiones
Absolutiones's Avatar
Online Thread Concept: Somehow, be it logical or not, every character has been given access to an electronic device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc) that has a persistent app on it that forces allows them to message literally anyone. That's exactly what has happened here. Introducing StarLine, a revolutionary app that allows for unprecedented levels of exploration and communication. No longer are we confined to our own small pocket of space. There are no boundaries anymore. So, who will you connect with first? AKA RIP the multiverse part two

App Details

StarLine v1.00.00 -First, and currently only, app of its kind to allow for inter-universal communications. -Two chat options: main, everyone chatroom and one on one DMs. -Users may choose to connect webcam for enhanced experience. --3D models and touch software in development. -Supports both plain text and media. -Fully customizable user interface. -State of the art automatic translation. (and for the less willing characters you still want to use,) -You don't choose the app, the app chooses you. -Will not close nor can it be uninstalled until given a sufficient trial.


No activity requirements; you're welcome to come as go as you please. Know your own limits on characters. You may have as many OCs as you'd like sign up, but don't take a bunch of canon characters if you don't intend to use them. Literally any, all universes are accepted here. If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know. If you have any questions, you're welcome to PM me or post here.

Character Registration

Character's Username: Name: Gender: Series: Other: Appearance:

Registered Users

Absol's Characters

Character's Username: Sorbus.Commixta Name: Hanataro Kaika Gender: Male Series: Boku no Hero Academia Other: ☇ A very soft boi. uwu ☇ Plant-based hybrid, mutation-emitter quirk! ☇☇ Which basically means he looks, to an extent acts, and feels kinda like a plant. He can also control plants. ☇ Attending UA. When? That's kind of open to interpretation. Willing to work around anyone else to wants to add BNHA characters. ☇ Can be convinced to preplan him, otherwise he's just going with the flow. Open to all types of relations. ☇ More tba? He's very new plz forgive. Appearance: It's not perfect, but this is what I have for him image made using gaiaonline's avatar builder. Character's Username: CatwalkWallGod Name: Kabegami Gender: Female Series: Okami Other: ☁ Normally a cat, but I've given her a humanoid, gijinka form for rp fun times. ☁ One of 13 celestial brush gods, her power allows her the ability to walk up walls! ☁ V playful, just here for a good time. She gets very lonely. ☁ Fond of humans, just wishes they payed more attention to her. ☁ Red markings only visible to those who believe in the gods. ☁ Currently not seeking a romantic relationship. Just friends right now! Appearance: Official cat form | Gijinka form tba Character's Username: CrystalxMeltequin Name: Akadia Gender: Female Series: Original Other: ⊰ A jackalope from the universe/planet/thing called Malaya. ⊰ Was born a human, but transformed into a jackalope against her will. ⊰ Transformation caused memory loss. ⊰ Kind of a hooligan. Here for a good time, not a long time. ⊰ "Fight me." ⊰ Open to preplanning, all types of relationships. Appearance: Her toyhouse
Avatar free to use.
Melowde's AvatarMelowde
Melowde's Avatar
(can't be stopped) Character's Username: Gasterblastermastercaster Name: Sans Gender: Male Series: Undertale(Pundertale) Other: Makes many puns and bad jokes Appearance: punloving sentry Character's Username: Naga's Dragonfruit Name: Nah Gender: Female Series: Fire Emblem Other: -shy -quiet Appearance: bean
Avi art: Free to use by:CallMeDusk@deviantart
Milkåmel's AvatarMilkåmel
Milkåmel's Avatar
i am a F O O L for crossovers Character's Username: ScruffySuedeshoes Name: Detective Gumshoe Gender: Male Series: Ace Attorney Other: - He is quite impulsive and will jump to conclusions often. But this strengthens his courage a lot. - Has a very childlike, but strong loyalness to companions. - He can be quite clueless at times. - Very sensitive. Oh no. But very optimistic! - Uses "pal" in his sentences a lot. - He will probably do this slang of speech where he slurs his words, ex: "What are you doing?" becomes "What're ya doin'?" Appearance: official artwork Character's Username: BlueBomber Name: Mega Man/Rock Gender: Male Series: Mega Man/Rockman Other: - Strong sense of justice, but has a reckless behaviour. - A pacifist, but has to fight if needed. - polite boy - Will build some impatience to recurring enemies. - Despite his hate for some enemies of his, he is always willing to aid them. Appearance: official artwork as mega man official artwork as mega man + rock
icon from jojo's pitter patter pop, lyrics from night of fire by niko, sig img from the jjba anime
Not a danger, not a blacky stranger Rock it - rock it - knock to my door I'll open Speak my name now, speak it you know how Fly to me, get ready for the night of fire!
Absolutiones's AvatarAbsolutiones
Absolutiones's Avatar
Registration complete. On behalf of the StarLine company, thank you. We wish you a pleasant bonding experience. (Aka you're both accepted!)
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Alright, here we go ^^

Character's Username: EdgyDreamGuy

Name: Tobias Ayonaku (Corruption of the Japanese word Mayonaka, meaning midnight) Gender: Male Series: Pokemon (Species: Darkrai, Shiny) Other: -He's pretty funny, doesn't act like his (father? Original?) at all. He's quite friendly if a bit sarcastic. Appearance: Pretty typical for his species. Purple body, pink crest, green eyes, white hair.

Character's Username: goldenZOOM

Name: Topaz Avi (From the word avian) Gender: Female Series: Pokemon (Species: Latias, Shiny) Other: -Very energetic, and sometimes indecipherable texts of random words. -Has next to zero self-control. Appearance: Again, standard for a shiny Latias. She does wear stud earrings with emerald teardrops.

Character's Username: Zero_Tolerance

Name: Zero Solu (Play on the phrase 'absolute zero) Gender: Female??? Series: Pokemon (Species: Type:Null) Other: -Very sensitive about her helmet. Do not mention it. -Sometimes has a hard time typing due to sight issues. Appearance: A typical Type:Null, aside from the fact that her fur is darker.
My shop, the Lati Cave!|what's this? a journal?
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I'll buy Red Soul Dews with all the limited currency I have ;-;
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× 3 / 50
Collecting Z-Crystals passively for my hunt
Absolutiones's AvatarAbsolutiones
Absolutiones's Avatar
Thank you for joining StarLine. We hope you enjoy your time. I'll get everyone's characters recorded when I get home from work! c:
Absolutiones's AvatarAbsolutiones
Absolutiones's Avatar
Online thread is up! :3
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
O h m y w o r d this is already perfect


Character's Username: RenbodiedCringe Name: Ren Gender: Female Series: Pokémon (OC) Other: Sarcasm and memes are strong with this one Appearance: Avatar and X


Character's Username: I_HateYou<3 Name: Chocolate Cosmos (Choco for short) Gender: Female Series: Pokémon (OC) Other: Always ends posts with <3 no matter the tone Appearance: X (full bio there as well) with a Chocolate Cosmos flower (unable to link image) instead
I'm gonna be using a ftu template for both chars, an example of it can be found here!
Absolutiones's AvatarAbsolutiones
Absolutiones's Avatar
I've run out of silly welcome messages sorry. xD Both characters are accepted.
Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
Gracidea's Avatar


Character's Username: BlueBelle Name: Lillian Gender: Female Series: Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons (Specific game is Tale of Two Towns) Other: -Is a farmer, so is up early to get work done and then signs in -Do not mention animals to her or else she’ll start talking about all the animals she has on her farm -She has so many pets. She’ll probably send pictures if you ask -She’s still getting used to her laptop and phone, as she didn’t really own either until fairly recently -very confused by acronyms. Will probably not understand most of them unless someone explains Appearance: Official Art of her in her Bluebell outfit
Hello! I'm Calliope! I'm a crazy mythology addict who loves Ralts, JJBA (and some good jojo memes), and Shaymin~ Koichi pose is from jjba Credits Eclipse Referral
Signature by CatEnergetic,with help from Wardove.Official Pokemon Gif

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