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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Luck seemed to have been with Topaz as Nadia jolted awake, shifting into Rotom as she braced herself for a possible fight. She looked pretty spooked, and ready to beat up whoever did that.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Topaz, not expecting this, nearly fell off the branch shifting into her shiny Latias form. She floated upside down, peering down with her large green eyes at the small, plasma-emitting Ghost-type beneath her. "Uh... Hello? Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you... Guess I should've thought that one out better." She looked nervous. "You aren't going to attack me, r-right? I'm feeling some aggressive emotions from you..."
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Dadesfriend's AvatarDadesfriend
Dadesfriend's Avatar
Tyler looked out his window when his hair went a bit more wild than normal, to see a possible fight about to breakout. Rotor vs. Latias, he hoped it would end peacefully..
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
"Oh, sorry.." Nadia said, calming down seeing no malicious intent coming from the shiny Latias shifter. "You just scared me, that's all!" She seemed apologetic enough.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Topaz attempted to roll over, failed, and gave up only to flop on the ground. On her back. "Oof. Yeah, sorry about that. So why're you sleeping? Things are going on! The city's almost rebuilt! Why not check things out... or whatever... Dunno." She shrugged, as best as an upside-down Latias could shrug.
Kajiban's AvatarKajiban
Kajiban's Avatar
the Maravol perked up. "oh! sorry m'am, i'm just looking for information on Lunala, and a girl named Lillie. she's a human from from the alola region.."
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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Shifting back to human form to try and help the fallen Lati up, Nadia replied "I got up early because I was excited to see if the curiosity shop was opened again, but it wasn't.. and I guess I just fell asleep!" She brushed some dirt off of her frosty camo pants and picked a leaf out of her chocolate brown hair, trying to make herself a little more presentable.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Wriggling a bit, Topaz got her wings into a more comfortable position and shifted back. Standing up and stretching, she smiled. "I think I'm alright. Let's go check it out, maybe it's open!" As if forgetting why she changed back, Topaz once again shifted into her draconic form. "C'mon!"
"Hmph." Felix stuck out his tongue and flew around the outside of the castle, looking for a way back in. He could have just used the door, but who has time for simple solutions like that? He eventually found an open window and zipped in. 'Maybe I can find someone to talk to...' he thought, yawning.
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