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Bluefoxxo's AvatarBluefoxxo
Bluefoxxo's Avatar
(Set up is Here) It was the start of the new day, Princess Amelia had just woken up, got dressed, and brushed her hair. She was in a semi rush this morning as she really wanted to know if some of the repairs on the damaged buildings have finished. She had a nice breakfast of oatmeal with Pecha berry in it, she then brushed her teeth. She then walked up to her royal advisor, Alice, a shifter who is to be a swanna. "Could you please tell me the progress on the repairs?" Amelia asked. "Oh, the repairs on the buildings are about 98 percent complete. Some small shops should be fully repaired by tomorrow morning!" Alice responded.
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La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
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A short girl wandered down the road, large green eyes surveying the scenery. She looked a lot younger than she really was, and barely topped four feet in height. This girl's name was Topaz, and some people would call her special. Topaz called them boring. She stopped at a tall tree with low-hanging branches, jumping higher than looked possible onto one of the middle ones. Her light frame meant that she could perch on thin branches without danger of falling off, and her flip-flops fell right off as she dangled her feet over the edge of a particularly thick area of her seat. Long white hair tumbled down her back, curling slightly in at the ends to form a curtain of opalescent strands. A hoodie, large enough to cover her hands and then some, was the same faded yellow as the flowers dotting the ground. Topaz closed her eyes and leaned back against the tree trunk, the rough bark rubbing against her back. She sighed and started watching the clouds.
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Dadesfriend's AvatarDadesfriend
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Tyler was enjoying people watching out the window of his apartment, while he munched on the pancakes he just finished making. Tyler watched as a small figure made a beautiful jump into the branches of a tree. He watched as she started looking at the sky, “some watch the clouds and others people I suppose,” he muttered to himself as he turned around to clean up his mess.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Nadia, who had been a little too eager to get up today to see if her favorite shop had been reopened, had quickly fallen asleep on a bench after seeing that it was still being worked on. She'd gotten up more early than anyone should've been up at, so it was no surprise that she had passed out again quickly. Nobody had bothered to wake her up yet, or if they did they had no luck.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Topaz finally looked down to see that another girl was lying on a beach a few trees away. She stretched, stood up, and started jumping between the close-knit canopies. She landed on a sturdy branch, then swung underneath it so she was hanging by her legs, her hair surrounding her face. "Hiya! Who're you? I'm Topaz! Nice to meetcha!"
scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
Muffet was currently in her Pokemon self, scittering about. She looked around with the extra pair of eyes she had gained, and went into the castle. She has always dreamed of knowing if the princess knew anything about her beloved legend, now was the time to ask, she guessed.
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Bluefoxxo's AvatarBluefoxxo
Bluefoxxo's Avatar
Alice was looking around the castle for something to do until Amelia needed her help again, when she spotted Muffet. "Ah, Hello there, Can I help you with anything?" She asked
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
..No answer from Nadia, just soft snoring. She was out cold, and seemed to be a heavy sleeper. Luck be with Topaz if she tried to wake her.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
The small girl looked around, before turning her attention back to the sleeping figure underneath her. One of her hands seemed to broaden, looking more and more inhuman as the seconds ticked past. She flicked a small DRAGON PULSE with her transformed hand, three claws coming together in a point to set off the mild shockwave. "Wake up! You can't sleep all day!"
Felix had been wandering around in his Pokemon form, lazily drifting around the sky. He was barely awake, but was snapped to his senses when he crashed into a castle window, almost like when a bird does. He shook his head a few times, and looked through to see Muffet and Alice. He casually waved to them, and pointed to the side of the window. He seemed to be asking to be let in.

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