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Mihaila's AvatarMihaila
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Wait can you explain what you mean @Xionahri
Xionahri's AvatarXionahri
Xionahri's Avatar
In the skins tab, you got one field for other skins there, as it is titles. Just paste in there what I wrote, choose which type you want and then click use skin. Then the proper eggs will be highlighted and every field stacked.
jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Xionahri

You know you guys don't need to manually make skins that highlight one egg type AND stack the fields too? Just put into Other Skin Qvg/type-eggs With type being replaced by whatever type you want to use. For me it's currently: Qvg/poison-eggs Works perfectly. I read this in the first type race I participated in, yet in all following users made some elaborate skins themselves. It can be easier, guys.
That's interesting! I've never used that for my site skin(I've got tons of other stuff in it lol) but I use the QoL script that does that for me :P
LisaKaze2016's AvatarLisaKaze2016
LisaKaze2016's Avatar
It takes longer to mass click fields. Clicking the users team is quicker. You can try to click back ones team when you have pokerus can help you get the job of clicking back go faster. If you don't have pokerus it is still nice to click back.
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
why just one thing, there's so many? While it might sound like a great idea at first, having some hidden passwort scavenger hunt in your shop will only annoy people. It will not ensure they will follow or even read your rules. I've never once seen anyone say anything positive about these, so while you do you, I would not recommend this
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