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wave cave 2 **CLOSED, finishing orders**

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kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
gonna open 3 slots, sorry for being gone from this for so long and also for the no warning opening ^^; ideally i would like to open this atleast one more time before july, but im still the same lazy butt so that may not actually happen sjdhsjdhkjs also im gonna be on team Dream for art fight this year! my userpage that's pretty much all im gonna be doing for the next month
please don't pm me unless it's important Avatar drawn by Agent8.
Miss Nona's AvatarMiss Nona
Miss Nona's Avatar
username: Miss Nona option: binary doodle character reference: boop additional details: she’s a soft bean, basically - very sweet and loving edit; she has five tails do you want it avatar sized?: yes please payment: 1 500 000 credits should be correct? :o other: this is for a friend of their new baby, but hopefully that’s okay?
avatar by Avacyn
elliejac's Avatarelliejac
elliejac's Avatar
username: elliejac option: mini drawing character reference: Tati do you want it avatar sized?: yes Payment: paypal username: elliejac option: mini drawing character reference: Ammo additional details: their spots don’t have to be exact do you want it avatar sized?: yes payment: PayPal You can PM me the info for PayPal on discord if you’d like, I just want to have icons for my characters on artfight and toyhouse because yours are so cute and I already have two! if it’s alright with you!
Avatar by me! I am working on a Naughty Shiny Living Dex! Please PM me if you'd like to contribute!
Crës's AvatarCrës
Crës's Avatar
username: Cres option: Mini Drawing, please! character reference: Porynair (I don't have a toyhouse ;v;) additional details: She's dumb and likes ice cubes?? do you want it avatar sized?: mmmmmmm nah -- payment: GP!! Whatever you suit fit for her, I'll pay. other: Would you mind if I put the finished product on my Artfight? New character, and you've already drawn one of my characters before (not on pfq haha) and I absolutely fell in love with it -- whatever you draw, I'll absolutely love
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
all 3 of you will be added in the slots! everything looks great but to answer a couple questions- @Miss Nona: as long as your friend is okay with that then so am i! i dont mind doing gift art~ ^^ @Ellie and Cres: thats perfectly fine! you can credit my AF if thats easier too :D
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar

order up!

you all already paid! but i figure i should post anyway ;w;

Miss Nona (already paid)

elliejac (already paid)

Cres (already paid)

as mentioned in one of my last posts, im gonna be busy with art fight. so if you are a fellow artist you can come attack me and i'll try my best to attack everyone back~ ^^ my userpage, i'm on team dream! please do note the fight has started and so has the lag. if you didnt already know the site will be down while they adjust stuff if you want to commission me during july, i will accept paypal commissions. i know i say to not pm me, but i dont want to leave the thread open for that long. so please do send a pm if you'd like a paypal comm! otherwise i should be back in august~ the stuff i offer here has the same price, but you can find prices for more advanced stuff here on my deviantart
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
so for various reasons i've decided to quit playing pfq. however, my art shop is not going to close right away. but since i want to focus on artfight, opening again will need to wait til august i want to do a final big round of slots (or multiple mini rounds) where everyone who wants to order can get one in. so in order to determine how many slots i'll need to open, i've decided to do a painless two question survey thru google

please fill this out!

you dont have to fill this out, but i would highly suggest it if you want to make sure i open enough slots. the survey will be open for several weeks while im at art fight, so you have plenty of time~ the prices will remain the same, the only thing that changed is that i will no longer take gems as payment ^^;
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
Sorry for the wait, I meant to post this a few days ago since artfight ends tomorrow. My internet is currently out because centurylink really wants to lose customers, so I will reply whenever that comes back on. Chrome eats a lot of data! So I gave this some thought and I'm gonna open 30 slots. All at once! *dies* However, they probably wont be done in queue order. So I'd probably be leaving the more complex stuff for last and doing simpler comms first just to get things moving quickly. Since my internet is out I might not be able to reply quickly. If I somehow get more than 30 orders then.. sorry! I just dont have time for that >_< Anywho, feel free to leave a form! I'll answer any questions when I can, but if it's about what category your character falls into please be prepared to pay atleast the standard price!
Aprilkin's AvatarAprilkin
Aprilkin's Avatar
ohohoho i’ve been waiting for this! username: Aprilkin option: Mini Drawing character reference: My melan boy Carson? additional details:

its really long oops so im gonna hide it

Could he maybe be wearing a dark blue hoodie and some square glasses like these (but black instead of gray)? Also, his personality is calm and relaxed, so maybe you could draw him just sorta standing there with his lil gremlin hands in his hoodie pocket or with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face with his eyes half closed or something? Some melan sparkles around him would be really neat too! Really, this is all just a suggestion, feel free to do what you want with him xD sorry this is so long~
do you want it avatar sized?: Yes please! payment: $4 PayPal! other: Thank you <3 Even though you’re leaving PokeFarm, I hope I can commission you again sometime on DA or something! Your art is simply gorgeous <33
credits (hover)
avatar by kuromori for my use only
★ call me april c: ★ journal
Érable's AvatarÉrable
Érable's Avatar
username: Érable option: shaded bust character reference: linky additional details: - Jet black, male, medium length fur, larger than average, green eyes - Scars: small ones along the flank and stomach, larger one from a fight on the stomach, one on the corner of the left eye, one on his nose His right ear is torn as well, the tip is missing from a fight as well - Wears a black dyed, silk scarf with a small collection of dog teeth hanging off if it (4 of varying sizes) do you want it avatar sized?: Can I get a full image and ab avatar size please?~ payment: $4 PP other: feel free to DM me directly on discord, handle is Kaede.php#0472, if you wanna contact me further for questions. And that is the only reference image I have D: By Elliejac
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*melan hunts

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