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wave cave 2 **CLOSED, finishing orders**

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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
username: Esme character reference: https://file.toyhou.se/characters/3690559?]boop additional details: i guess a shy pose or omething :'D do you want it avatar sized?: no payment: 6 large normals other: her body structure is kinda like a bipedal kitten
i have nothing but love for the places that call me home
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Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
username: Canine character reference: Shark dog additional details: None do you want it avatar sized?: Yes pls <3 payment: Credits, I think he's standard other: Nope username: Canine character reference: Mordred additional details: Nope do you want it avatar sized?: Yes pls <3 payment: Credits, I think he's simple? other: Noop
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Babyroxasman's AvatarBabyroxasman
Babyroxasman's Avatar
username:Babyroxasman character reference: https://toyhou.se/374152.prince additional details: His colors are a bit darker than a normal Snivy do you want it avatar sized?: Both? Yes I guess payment: ZC
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kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
all are accepted! thank you for ordering! (had to lock the thread for a bit to make sure more people didnt post) for the 2 complexity questions: @elliejac, EC is standard indeed and Byrd would be simple! :D @canine, standard and simple yep! also SHARK DOG IS SO CUTE HFJKFDFJDF ;3;
i also wanted to wait to post since my adopt making obsession is not over and i have yet another auction im actually really proud too im so happy with them both >>> HERE <<<
please don't pm me unless it's important Avatar drawn by Agent8.
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
umm dont ask how i got these all done in less than 12 hours.. i dont even know

Order Up!





please let me know should anything need fixing! and please send payment whenever you can ^^
i was honestly wary about taking 4 slots but i just kept going today! anyways i have an assignment i need to work on, so i'm going to push the next opening back for a bit again. but its also mcw soon, and im probably gonna start hunting azelf and ideally i would like to get that done in less than 2 days. no time to draw if im killing my hands clicking all day! XD planning on opening again around 29/Apr and likely soon after reset. unsure how many slots tho i wont always open around resets to make sure different timezones arent left out, and i added a poll to see how y'all feel about this new opening style. theres pros and cons to both random openings and scheduled ones, but i'm more curious what you guys prefer i also added a poll for shaded busts. im not all too sure about how i would go about this but they would be a bit more pricey than what i currently do (standard complexion would be 400zc) so keep that in mind when voting.

bust examples

a pixel bust would be best for avatars and stuff but the drawing is well.. idk its a drawing. not sure if i'd offer both or what but i'll figure something out B)
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar

3 slots open

Inkotani's AvatarInkotani
Inkotani's Avatar
username: Inkotani character reference: Here Don't use the other image, and she has a diamond on her back. additional details: Give her a sassy or assertive expression. Try to get the Solosis jelly effect, but if it's too hard don't do it. ^^ do you want it avatar sized?: Yes please! payment: ZC other: uwu
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susie's Avatarsusie
susie's Avatar
username: Susie character reference: x additional details: do you want it avatar sized?: yea payment: uhh credits? other: im boo boo the fool
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Myde's AvatarMyde
Myde's Avatar
username: Myde character reference: Griseus additional details: I don't have a whole lot about him because he's new, but could he look playful or relaxed? Whichever is easiest! do you want it avatar sized?: No thank you! payment: CR! Would he fall under Standard or difficult? :o other: I'd like to comm you again at some point hehe I did a while ago and I've been excited to again!
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wasabï's Avatarwasabï
wasabï's Avatar
username: 13abydoll character reference: Clicky additional details: She's kinda shy, you could say naive ;3 do you want it avatar sized?: nah. payment: Creddos other: Instead of whatever clothes that is something that's more like a negligee?


twas sniped, ignore this >.<
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