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wave cave 2 **CLOSED, finishing orders**

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username: Keïra Lorelei character reference: Cleo <3 additional details: I want this piece Easter themed, so if possible, I want her hiding in a Easter basket with just her head and tail showing and her wearing this white diadem with fluffy white bunny ears. You can add decoration to the basket if you want, I can’t think of any myself. do you want it avatar sized?: Yes <3 payment: 1500GP (I believe this is complex? xD) other: I hope this isn’t too difficult ^^’
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Oo that sounds so cute! I'll add ya into the last spot :3
Shop is closed for now!
please don't pm me unless it's important Avatar drawn by Agent8.
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sorry this isnt open yet but i have an adopt auction going on if youre interested >>> here <<< i probably shouldnt have taken 4 slots but i also thought i wouldnt have had an art block for like a week and a half >_<' hopefully will get these done within the next few days. on the next opening im going to delay it til a certain time, so i'd open sometime around reset probably. i just have a lot of projects going on and its hard to balance, so thank you all for being patient with me :'3
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
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order up!

sorry for the wait, i keep getting distracted with adopts...



Keïra Lorelei (already paid)

i hope everything looks okay! let me know if anything need to be fixed, and please send payment whenever you can! :D opening 2 more slots just two for now, i'll try to open 4 next time (and also let people know in advance, since i said i was gonna do that this time but then didnt hfjhkds)
wasabï's Avatarwasabï
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username: 13abydoll character reference: [ Clicky ] additional details: Please do this in YOUR STYLE. I absolutely love your style but this is the only ref I have for this OC. She's just wearing a flowy pretty mermaid "shirt". Her eyes are the MOST EMERALD green possible. do you want it avatar sized?: ..... No? Nah. payment: good question! Whatchya want? ;3 other: <3 thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou
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username:Sandslash666 character reference: Toxeon other colour additional details: Can i have both the colours the purple one and the orange red one youve done x3 in the same pose just looking smug x3 do you want it avatar sized?: no thank you normal is fine for this one :3 payment: GP other: thank you <3

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added you both to the slots :D (both of your orders are the standard complexion btw) and with that shop is closed! gonna try to actually get these done in less than a week cuz i wanna be more on top of this XD
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
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order up!

13abydoll (already paid)


hope ya like them! let me know if anything needs fixing and please send payment whenever you can~ ^^
whew quick turn around for once. it definitely helps when i dont have like 5 other things i feel like i need to focus on at the same time XD im going to keep the shop closed for a bit longer, theres some other art stuff i need to work on so that hopefully it wont take me forever to finish next set of orders. i plan on reopening 4 slots again at 24/Apr 00:00 server time. probably wont be exactly at that time, since i mean.. im not a robot and cant schedule a post XD but if you want to order next time i suggest preparing a form, im not going to allow unfinished forms anymore. no hard feelings, but its a bit of a hassle
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its that time B)

4 slots open

elliejac's Avatarelliejac
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username: elliejac character reference: The art by me or playingdead is most reliable as a reference. additional details: EC is very expressive, so if you want to give a wild expression that’s A-OK with me! do you want it avatar sized?: yes please! payment: 170zc (assuming standard complexion? ;v;) username: elliejac character reference: Byrd additional details: You already doodled her once :3 and it was accurate to her design. Can I maybe get her being a hyper/excited alien doggo? do you want it avatar sized?: nah~ payment: zc again, dunno how much for this one but I can cover it lol other: love your art to death 😤💚
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