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wave cave 2 **CLOSED, finishing orders**

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Raiveon's AvatarRaiveon
Raiveon's Avatar
username: Raiveon option: Shaded Bust, Mini Drawing character reference: https://toyhou.se/4729431.raiveon additional details: Ribbons on the top bow dont come out unless she's attacking. Otherwise it's just a bow. do you want it avatar sized?: Nah. I can resize it. payment: USD other: Lemme know the price and I'll pay asap.
Avatar by Breepi. Signature by CatEnergetic
username: PeachesTheJolt option: mini drawing character reference: boop~ additional details: always blepping, heart markings on left cheek & shoulder only do you want it avatar sized?: no thank you~ payment: 110-170zc (not sure which she falls under fjdaslk) other: she's super bouncy & happy but i have no preference on pose! maybe add a little bit of static if possible?
Peaches ♀ Jolly Likes to run
By Dragoncake
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
sorry for slowness! i ordered a fan for my laptop cause it's been getting really hot, but it got delayed and will come tomorrow instead of what should have been today ;w; @Devil0356 i'm glad you like it! and i would prefer if the last two slots went to the people below since they havent ordered yet :3 @Raiveon she would be standard, so both together would be $6! i'll pm you my email once the art is finished~ ^w^ @PeachesTheJolt she'd be simple! and i'll add some static in~ nwn
and with that my shop is gonna be permanently closed! i'll be locking this and posting orders in batches c: please make sure you save your artworks!
please don't pm me unless it's important Avatar drawn by Agent8.
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
uhhh sorry for going awol on this. i dont really have a good excuse, i was in an artblock for a bit and i've been feeling better when i dont get on my laptop. so things have been... pretty slow! i dont like letting things sit for too long so just know i havent abandoned your orders ^^ just been consistently having a lack of time and motivation for art

order up!

sorry its just two for now! i have a couple more sketched its just 3am and i got stuff to do later hghf



i wuv clovermask!!
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
bbbbbbb sorry for the long wait! im back in college and have a job so im lucky if i get like 1 drawing done a week lmao

order up




since im kinda taking 5ever, if you need a bit longer to send the payment thats fine! ^w^ let me know if anything needs to be fixed, hopefully i wont forget to log in.... lol
also should mention that if anyone wants/needs to cancel their order its ok, just let me know. i kinda didnt plan on getting a job and its taking a lot out of me oops i have other responsibilities and doing art for basically free is a pretty low priority for me. but if you're fine with waiting then they will eventually get done!! thank you all for being so patient
venir's Avatarvenir
venir's Avatar
Babies!!! :0 Sending payment now, your art is lovely as always <3 <3 <3
Breeding Pair shop! By icymoon193 Avatar by venir It's not like I hoard adamant and brave natured pokemon or anything.
KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
I sent payment with a little tip and a message but I wanted to post too! Thank you so so much, you did her perfectly!! I adore your art style a lot ;o; , hope you have a nice day/night ❤❤

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