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wave cave 2 **CLOSED, finishing orders**

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  • rules
  • pricing
  • examples
  • slots + form
Rules: 1. Once payment is recieved you can use the art wherever with credit, I change my username on pfq about every year. Please credit my deviantart or my toyhouse. 2. Please post orders here, stuff gets lost in my PM box. I don't take bribes so don't message me for that either. You can however ask questions there if the thread is locked. 3. Don't send payment until your order is done. 4. You can order twice per slot. For example, if I have 2 slots open then 2 people can order 2 drawings. You must pay for both though. 5. I have the right to refuse service if needed. (note.
I will not draw for people who have seriously grieved me or my friends, I hope those people don't order from me but this is a precaution. I will also not tolerate mean customers, I have feelings too.
) 6. Do not post an unfinished form or ask to reserve slots.

Will draw: Feral/anthro animals (cats, dogs, birds, ect.) Simplified dragons Most pokemon Will Not Draw: Humans Complex dragons (like flight rising) (most) Legendary/Mythical pokemon
I like to draw simple characters and felines the most! please ask if unsure about a character!
Shaded busts are not based on complexity as i'm drawing on the head and shoulders
Shaded Bust:2,000,000 2,000 400 $4 (paypal)
Price Guide For Mini Drawings/Binary Doodles: (based on character complexion)
Very Simple Complexion:600,000 600 110 $1.50 (paypal)
Standard Complexion:850,000 850 170 $2.00 (paypal)
Difficult Complexion:1,500,000 1,500 300 $4.00 (paypal)
How do I rate character designs? Very Simple: Up to 3 main colours. Basic anatomy, no accessories, and no intricate markings. Example 1 : Example 2 Standard: Most will fall under this category. Less than 7 main colours. Can have 1-2 accessories, 1-2 intricate markings, small anatomy adjustments (like extra leg or tail, fins, different ear shapes). Bipedal pokemon go here, but if they have most of the above then it becomes Difficult. Example 1 : Example 2 Difficult: Anthros and anything with more than 3 tails falls under this category. Characters with more than one complex accessory such as masks and clothing. More than 2 intricate markings or more than 7 main colours. Example 1 : Example 2 : Example 3
Shaded Busts examples are big so they are in links: example 1 || example 2 || example 3 Mini Drawings most of my examples are from my f2u melan baits. if you want, you can commission me for personal bait art that is for your use only. more examples here these are drawn on a 200x200 canvas, but extra space will cropped so it'll be smaller. specify on your form if you want an avatar sized version. Binary Doodles drawn on a 300x300 canvas with the binary pen on sai (aka pixely lineart) i will not shrink these as it ruins the crisp lineart. so if you pick the avatar option it will be cropped with the head/shoulders in a 150x150 canvas like this:
Please note I may take a while to finish orders, I struggle with mental illness and may have long periods without motivation. Please be patient with me ;w; I will have 2-4 slots at a time, number is determined on how i feel at opening. Reminder that you can order two drawings per slot, but only one person can have one slot at a time. Slots: 1. Aprilkin 2. Érable *complete* 3. Rascal *complete* 4. agent3 x2 *complete* 5. KaseyLicht 6. Absoreon x2 7. Nurse x2 8. Miss Nona 9. The Lich Queen 10. Sapphicc 11. Canine x2 12. nyabby-keromatsu 13. Frozen Inferna 14. Lucario31 x2 15. vanitail 16. Katskip x2 17. deino *complete* 18. Devil0356 *complete* 19. Knock_Out 20. wasabi x2 *complete* 21. Myde x2 22. Nyan-Cat12 23. ShiroUsagi x2 24. VEGGIENUGGETS 25. WaterWølf600 *complete* 26. crowlinqs 27. xKingx 28. tarkeli x2 29. Raiveon x2 30. PeachesTheJolt
Form please use this when ordering. feel free to add extra details about your oc or what you want the pose/expression to be, otherwise i'll just do something generic username: option: (shaded bust, mini drawing, or binary doodle) character reference: additional details: do you want it avatar sized?: payment: other:
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please don't pm me unless it's important Avatar drawn by Agent8.
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
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reserved. feel free to order tho ^^
venir's Avatarvenir
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username: absoreon character reference: Joltik/Sewaddle: Tik additional details: sylvania is shiny, and also tik's mom if that affects anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ do you want it avatar sized?: nah owo payment: 170-300ZC depending on if he's standard or difficult other: hewwo character reference: Galvantula/Leavnanny: Sylvania additional details: ^ do you want it avatar sized?: ^ payment: 170-300ZC depending on if she's standard or difficult other: uwu
Breeding Pair shop! By icymoon193 Avatar by venir It's not like I hoard adamant and brave natured pokemon or anything.
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
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hiyas soren OwO i love those bug babies so so much <333 Tik would standard, and Sylvania would be difficult ^^ adding you to the slots <3
Canine's AvatarCanine
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username: Canine character reference: Virosus additional details: Please include the collar, but it should be more like a dog collar. The charm on it can be any color/mushroom type. do you want it avatar sized?: Yes, please.~ payment: In ZC, however much his complexity makes it (I'm guessing he'd be standard) other: Nope
Oliver. Male. 22. Melan Hunt Shop Code BG / Pixel Avatar Sig Art Characters are mine.
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
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:eyes: a very good boy he would be standard, yup!
with that the shop is closed for now c:
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
hey yall sorry this took longer than i excpected cuz like as soon as i opened this i got a ton of art trade offers on da so i got a little busy i still have some other stuff to do but i'm gonna open 2 more slots now! ^w^

Order Up!:


very wholesome buggos


the smaller one is avatar sized :D
i hope you like them! let me know if anything needs changing, and please send the payment over whenever you can ^^
two more slots open!
süsie's Avatarsüsie
süsie's Avatar
hi can I reserve a slot thx
icon and sig by me
kuromori's Avatarkuromori
kuromori's Avatar
yis :3 i'll add you in! if the threads locked u can just dm me ^^
I would like to snatch your second slot, but can I pm you about details and such? :) Edit: username: Keïra Lorelei character reference: Cleo additional details: Just do your thing ;) do you want it avatar sized?: Yes, please <3 payment: 850GP other: I’m super excited to get more art from you! :D
Avatar is made by BananaLizard. Shop banner made by Sunshine Lady. >>>> My Journal <<<<

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