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■Mini's art doodle shop [Closed]

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FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar

Welcome to my shop!

I'm back again with another shop oops Rules! 1. All PFQ rules apply 2. Please credit me if you plan on using my art 3. Don't use any drawings if you didn't commission them 4. I will draw just about anything but not NSFW, but you should all know that! Very simple rules. If you have anymore questions let me know.

Doodle Icons

Price: $15usd, 500, 2500, 2.5mil , 5 or 5 These will be either 300x300 or 400x400 px. If you have a preference let me know!

Spoiler Alert!

Gen 8 Starters

Are you sure?

Tiny pixel

price: $10usd, 500, 2500, 1.5mil 5 or 5 These are based on the pokemon icons from the actual game! Since these are really small pixels, I will make them more simple depending if your character is very detailed but I will try my best to make it look like your characer! So I might use the same pixel base I already made if that's ok. They will all have bounce animations, if you don't want them anomated then it will be half the price! Form: Type of commission: Reference: Payment: Other:


Price: 150, 350, 350k , 3 , or 3
Form: Type of commission: Reference: Pose/Expression: Payment: Other: 3 slots 1. 2. 3.
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
Complete art! Do not take any that you did not commission.

Doodle icons

@Shiro-san @Rascal @Meg277 @Elizadesu @fluffydeoxys @dorgoat @sunneliøn @aukah

Tiny pixel

@Rascal @Jåviêldeø @ashtx


Shiro-san's AvatarShiro-san
Shiro-san's Avatar
Hiya, I have a lot of pokemon that you might be looking for. I should have 40 entries to offer for an icon if you wanted. I'm not picky so you can do any of the characters here or if you don't like those, I have some more here. OH, and some here too.
All art and coding by me.Adopt Shop-My Art/Life Journal
Saving credits for a Type:Null hunt.Swapping gp for credits 1:1k, buying ultra beasts 150gp each, null vouchers ,1,000gp! Just send a trade or pm!
× 82654004 / 200,000,000
Rascal's AvatarRascal
Rascal's Avatar
Type of commission: Icon Reference: My pokesona? He's a houndoom/pyukumuku fusion Pose/Expression: Happy/Excited? If you can, maybe the white organs inside his mouth could take the shape of a heart. Similar to this? If not, that's okay as well ^^ Payment: 1500 gp Other: Could the icon's size be 400x400 px please?
Team Water! avatar: Amfira code: quinn
Meg277's AvatarMeg277
Meg277's Avatar
Hello! May I order an icon of my vulpix OC? I will be paying in ZC. Examples
All art and coding by Shiro.
Just a happy vulpix
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
All accepted, thank you! They are all very cute! I’ll get started on them as soon as I can! Closing for now
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
Tried to edit and I quoted oops!
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
Shop open again! 3 slots open. Finished doodles Edit: I changed the gp to 2500 this time! @Shiro-san @Rascal @Meg277
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
Bumpind this! I added Tiny pixel as well. They are based on the pokemon icon! If you don't want them animated, they will be half the price. I added large fire gems as payment option. I will accept mix payments!
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
Type of commission: Icon Reference: here Pose/Expression: A happy cat? Payment: 1.5mcr Other: Could it be 400x400px?
By SilverStarSheep
Art shop Trade Shop Avatar by gezeichnet

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