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POLL: Albino's or Shinies?

Total votes: 34

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~Open~ Made by MochaFox~ Pronouns: he/him (Genderfluid so will change this) ^^^ drawn by FezzyDragon aka me but ref from a picture from online "Hello and welcome... I'm Luke the Dragon type Sylveon. I''ll show you what my owner is selling and buying I guess... Don't know why they put me on the job..." "My owner does Delta point for a delta point, tell them if you gave them a delta point (from being a "guest") and They'll do the same for you."

"Need Gems? They have some. Here is the list" *holds paper in mouth*

Small gem- 1,000/1 gp/.1 box each Medium gem- 11,000/11/1zc&5gp/1 box each Large gem- 110,000/110 gp/18 zc&2gp/3 box
~~EEVEE HUNTS CLOSED ATM!!~~ *Luke put's that paper down* "I'm not for sale by the way...." *Luke picks up another paper containing Delta prices* Delta Eevee's Male 5zc/30gp/30k credits/1 box Female 10zc/60gp/60k credits/2 boxes *Luke's sets down that paper*

"here's the Shiny prices, pretty low if you ask me..." *he holds up a paper with his scarf attached to his bow*

Males=10zc/60gp/60k credits/2 boxes Females=30zc/180gp/180k credits/6 boxes Added 5zc/30gp/30k credits if you want to choose nature or food type (will take awhile)
*he sets that paper down and picks up another one*

"These are the Albino eevee prices"

Males=20zc/120gp/120kcredits/4 boxes Females=40zc/240gp/240k credits/8 boxes Added 5zc/30gp/30k credits if you want to choose nature or food type (will take awhile)
*Luke sets down the paper, folding his wings so their not out flailing* ~~REST IS OPEN~~ "The normal Eevee's are for free! Just ask by pm's." "They're taking offers on pokemon on their Shinies (uft) group" "You can offer for their albinos but they will be hard to get!!" *Luke picks up ANOTHER paper*

"There also a few cerberus Houndoor pairs being sold"

Please look in my Cerberus/Ortherus Houndoom pairs for what I have 99% pairs for 35zc/240gp/240,000c 98% pairs for 30zc/210gp/210,000c 96% pairs for 20zc/120gp/120,000c 94% pairs for 10zc/60gp/60,000c
*He sets down that paper*

"Wanting a boxbox? Well here is the list for it..." *He picks up yet another paper*

Want a box box? Ask for a spot on the wait list! Waiting list: 11 normal box/'s to go to getting another~ Box box's atm 4 100 zc/600gp/600k credits a box box
*Luke set that paper down* "They trade 30,000c for 30gp and 30gp for 5zc and 5 zc for 1 box" "They're Looking for albino's and Dragon Delta's mainly cause they love Albino's and Dragon's... They seem to enjoy making oc's out of the Delta's" "They May be willing to make an art shop soon" 1zc --> 6gp --> 6,000c Currency: c-34,744 gp-14 zc - 635
Avatar made by MochaFox <3 look at the precious Tsundere boi <3 Button made by MochaFox~ my shop where you can meet Luke!! ~Peekaboo Albino Furret and Melan Nickit~
cissza's Avatarcissza
cissza's Avatar
Would an albino Cubone interest you for that shiny mega Onix?
Avatar made by Manda for my use only <3
The hunt begun
@cissza possibly, I'll see what else people offer, if no one offers in this week then I'll say yes
@cissza I could also offer 30 zc for that albino Cubone ^^
cissza's Avatarcissza
cissza's Avatar
i'd really prefer your mega Onix this time, because i'm working on my s/a living dex and still missing this mega ^^
@cissza Then if you maybe add 75 gp then I'll agree right now ^^
cissza's Avatarcissza
cissza's Avatar
Sure, that’s fine by me:)
trade sent!
Update: Got a single box box now and lowered the price of the box box

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