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Winter Night's AvatarWinter Night
Winter Night's Avatar
I hope so =3 hope the pricings are not bad =^_^=
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En-Faye's AvatarEn-Faye
En-Faye's Avatar
Your prices are good~ o u o
PokecraftCat's AvatarPokecraftCat
PokecraftCat's Avatar
Ahhh! So glad to see the shop set back up! :-) Sorry I wasn't able to check this place out sooner, I've been so busy! Good luck with those stubborn foxes, I'm looking forward to the albino Eevee hunt so there will be MORE stubborn foxes! :D
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Winter Night's AvatarWinter Night
Winter Night's Avatar
I have a funny feeling those will be even more stubborn =/ Glad you could finally have a look around! =D and I hope the prices are still to your liking =P
Angel Hope's AvatarAngel Hope
Angel Hope's Avatar
Can I have your two small water gems for my 2k credits? (I like your new shop format. :) )
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Winter Night's AvatarWinter Night
Winter Night's Avatar
Sure thing. I will send over a trade and a gift soon. My slots are full at the moment. ((Thank you so much =^_^=)) Edit: Please answer my poll on the front page =3 will mean a lot to me!
FyreDove's AvatarFyreDove
FyreDove's Avatar
Question - How many boxes could I get for a Furretite Q? Or how many spots on your Future eevee hunt ovo (Sorry, but I had to ask for my love of eevee's)
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Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
I don't have a rapidite Q, but are you willing to swap the Raichunite for any of these Q stones: Sevipernite Q, Jumplufftite Q. I have other megastones too and I can offer more of the lower tiers for that one. Edit: on top of that I can offer a shiny or albino raichu Q entry if you'll sell the megastone to me. I'm going to use it to mega-evolve my shiny or albino raichu :)
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Winter Night's AvatarWinter Night
Winter Night's Avatar
@FyreDove, a Tier 5 stone (by my values) is 500ZC, 1000GP or 6 large gems. And a spot on my future eevee hunt will be 600GP, 300ZC, 30Boxes or 3 Large Gems. I could give you, say, 2 spots on the hunt? Edit: box wise, would be 3 box boxes. @Calle, ooh, the Jumplufftite Q sounds interesting to try xD I could swap you the stone for that one? If you want?
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Certainly :) I'll set up the trade.

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