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I literally just made an account last night and decided to poke around in the forums on this fine Saturday morning, so here we are. I haven't even finished the site's tutorial yet, but a journal seems like a useful thing to have. I'm mostly going to use this for keeping track of stuff related to this site. On the off chance any of y'all want to see me talk about other things, you can follow me on Twitter (@EmeraldSands315) or Tumblr (respectful-ramblings). Editing to add: I also have a journal in the mature forums where I post the personal stuff. People seem to start these things off with info about themselves (based on a cursory look at some other journals), so we're going to do that. My name is Andrew. I'm a gray-ace/biromantic trans man and my pronouns are he/him. I'm an adult. I write fanfic for fun in my downtime, but all that's on my AO3 account (EmeraldSands) is a lone sickfic. I'll finish/post my multichapter eventually, and then you can expect an influx of oneshots (mostly sickfics because weird genre preference). I've been obsessed with Pokemon since I was a kid and my all-time favorite Pokemon is Roselia. Aside from that, I really like musicals, superheroes, flowers/plants, and cats. I think that about covers it.
Andrew/Drew | he/him | not a minor I'm autistic, and consequently I often struggle with tone and social cues. Please assume good faith, as I'm usually trying to be polite, and be patient with me.
Hunt records go here. (Note: dates are based on server time.)


eggs hatched;; 888 status;; complete outcome;; 5 shinies, 3 albinos dates;; March 10th 2019--April 4th 2019


eggs hatched;; 2250 status;; complete outcome;; 43 shinies, 21 albinos, 1 melan dates;; April 8th 2019--July 1st 2019


eggs hatched;; 510 status;; complete outcome;; 10 shines, 3 albinos, 1 melan dates;; July 7th 2019--July 21st 2019


eggs hatched;; 300 status;; complete outcome;; 4 shinies, 3 albinos dates;; August 4th 2019 - August 14th 2019


eggs hatched;; 498 status;; complete outcome;; 12 shinies, 3 albinos dates;; August 14th 2019 - August 30th 2019


eggs hatched;; 255 status;; complete outcome;; 7 shinies, 2 albinos dates;; September 1st 2019 - September 9th 2019


eggs hatched;; 140 status;; complete outcome;; 2 shinies, 3 albinos dates;; September 10th 2019 - September 14th 2019


eggs hatched;; 325 status;; complete outcome;; 8 shinies, 4 albinos dates;; September 21st 2019 - October 1st 2019


eggs hatched;; 460 status;; complete outcome;; 2 shinies, 6 albinos dates;; October 12th 2019 - October 30th 2019


eggs hatched;; 209 status;; complete outcome;; 3 shinies, 5 albinos dates;; October 31st 2019 - November 4th 2019


eggs hatched;; 1400 status;; complete outcome;; 19 shinies, 13 albinos, one melan dates;; November 6th 2019 - January 16th 2020


??? eggs hatched;; number status;; status outcome;; outcome dates;; dates
TBA--empty posts at the beginning of this journal might be good for something.
TBA--empty posts at the beginning of this journal might be good for something.
TBA--empty posts at the beginning of this journal might be good for something.
TBA--empty posts at the beginning of this journal might be good for something.
Okay, that should be enough. Anyway, I finished the tutorial and bought a new field. It's a Grass-type one and it's also very pretty. I put my newly hatched Budew in it. Also, there is so much going on here? It's going to take a while for me to figure everything out. This site is cool though. I don't have anywhere to be today (and can't really go anywhere because where I live, a lot of roads are currently flooded) so I guess I'll just be trying to figure this site out. There's a guide section, so that should be helpful. EDIT: I discovered upon looking at the Wiki that Budew's happiness won't go up in a Grass-type field, so I bought a Poison-type field for her to chill in instead. Also, my starter evolved! He's a big boy now!
I had forgotten that petsite culture involved being super kind and generous to newcomers. I was not emotionally prepared for any of this. If any of you are reading this, let me just say I cannot thank you enough. Also, 10k interactions over a single weekend for that event seemed really daunting, but I'm already done. My wrist is sore, but I'll live. I think I've made a lot of progress in the single day I've been here so far. I've hatched a fair amount of eggs and even evolved a few Pokemon. My boy Herb the Grovyle is already close to evolving a second time; they grow up so fast. I'm literally so moved by how nice some of the people on here have been. I hope I manage to stick around long enough to pay it forward.
And people being extremely nice to me continues. I appreciate y'all so much. Herb is now a Sceptile! I'm proud of him. I'm starting to get a little short on field space, so I'm going to buy some more fields and attempt to organize things better. I've looked at a lot of people's fields at this point, so I think I have an idea of how I want to organize mine. Also, my Budew evolved. So counting the Roselia I hatched a little while ago and the one a lovely person sent me, we're building up a nice little squad here. I've been sending my Pokemon on scour missions to the forest area (because it seems like that's the place to find big mushrooms and I want to see how far I can get into this event) and it turns out that's my Pelipper's preferred area. Maybe she'll have some luck. I've gotten two boxes from scouring, one of which contained 39 gold and the other of which contained a berry. Still having a great time here.
This Budew was sent to me with this nickname and the message "I heard you like broselia" and I am losing it. I've been here for like three days and I already love this site's community so much.

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