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Novie's Topsie Tent of Trades [Open]

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Tabitha Mori's AvatarTabitha Mori
Tabitha Mori's Avatar
Oh that's alright! I'm sorry, I'm bad at reading! That's my fault!
Hi, PokeNerd!
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
perfectly fine. All Trades sent! ^^
Novan-Chan and all forms of her belong to me Art for the Avatar of Novan is made by me for my use only!
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
<approaches the dark yet bright shopkeeper> Hi Yami, it is a very nice shop you have here. I have a Raijin's Lamp that I just know Novie would love to have. And I see that you have something similar I would take in trade. So now if I read the rules right at the entrance, I think this is what I need to do... Section: "Summoning Booth" What I'm offering: Raijin's Lamp What you (Yami) have: Fire Feather <steps back to await consideration of my offer>
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Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
Yami: Ah, a Raijin's Lamp! oh, Novie would go nuts over this. The Offer is happily accepted! set up the trade, please.
Could I offer 4 relic coppers for 4 of your medium grass gems
Trade Shop: [Borrow + or ] [Swap ->] [90%+ Pairs] [Sell Me ]
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Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
I would but I would have to decline. Reason being, it seems I over looked a few things when I was last updating my shop shop QAQ I'm terribly sorry but of that edit, those medium grass gems were to be changed to 0. Only gems I have are fighting n fairy. I'm very sorry for the mistake :'c
oh okay i understand.
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
Thank you for understanding n sorry again <3
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
Sai: 1st Delivery! Seems this is just a very small bump but its exciting still! Novie didn't seem to get a whole lot of things over the last few days. Not to worry. I'm sure there'll be more next Delivery between 3-7 days! Below is a list full of items that have been added into the Shop's Corners. There's also been minor edits to errors and mistakes that might've been shown. Hope everyone swings by and enjoys!

Delivery Bump #1!

Added In Order by Shop Corner: + 1 Lefty Delphox (now 2 available) + 4 Shiny Pichu (now 84 available) + 2 Med. Poison Gems + 2 Med. Bug Gems + 1 Red Gummi + 1 Green Gummi + 1 Fire Fang
martix0123's Avatarmartix0123
martix0123's Avatar
Hey Novie: Trade my: 350GP + 2 medium electric gems With your: 3 (three) male shiny pichus Link: (opinional; use mainly for a specific Shiny) Thanks in Advance :) p.s. I hope I did it in the correct form ald place :)

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