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Novie's Topsie Tent of Trades [Open]

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Silver-lugia's AvatarSilver-lugia
Silver-lugia's Avatar
Hey Novie: Trade my: ruby orb For your: female shiny pichu Link: (opinional; use mainly for a specific Shiny) Thanks
14 / 150
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Sylph's AvatarSylph
Sylph's Avatar
Hey Novie: Section: Shiny Shop/Shiny Hunt What You're offering: 350 GP +2 Medium Electric Gems What Yami has: 3 Shiny Pichus Link: (opinional; use mainly for specific Shiny wanted)
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Gizzer's AvatarGizzer
Gizzer's Avatar
Section: Shiny Shop / Shiny Hunt What You're offering: Acient Drive What Yami has: Shiny Pichu Link: NA edit: thank you very much ^^

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b]Section:[/b] Shiny Shop/Shiny Hunt [b]What You're offering:[/b] 350GP + 2 Any Med. Gems [b]What Yami has:[/b] 3 Shiny Pichus [b]Link:[/b] (opinional; use mainly for a specific Shiny)
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Mellark's AvatarMellark
Mellark's Avatar
Section: Shiny Shop/Shiny Hunt What You're offering: 200 GP What Yami has: Shiny Pichu Link: If possible, could I get this Quirky shiny? Thanks!
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Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
Oh my oh my QwQ yes, yes to all 6 of you. Mind I ask that everyone start the trades when you all have time, please? I'll accept the trades in awhile when I get on my computer. Thank you!
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martix0123's Avatarmartix0123
martix0123's Avatar
Thank you :) nowI only have to find one albino to my collection :);)
crazycatpup's Avatarcrazycatpup
crazycatpup's Avatar
Section: shiny shop What You're offering: rock statue What Yami has: shiny pichu Link: (opinional; use mainly for specific Shiny wanted)
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Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar
@Crazycatpup Accepted, may you please send the trade? @Martix0123 Welcome and thank you as well! sadly I'm not currently selling my albino Pichu but I hope you find another albino <3
Bangles's AvatarBangles
Bangles's Avatar
Hi Novan-Chan Section: Shiny Shop What You're offering: 350gp + 2 med dragon gems What Yami has: Shiny Pichu Evolution Set XD

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