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Scour Chance Experiment (AKA, CWS has fun with statistics)

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jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
Awesome, super interesting. Be sure to be careful of Uzumi days!
Camwoodstock's AvatarCamwoodstock
Camwoodstock's Avatar
Took me long enough--due to not really paying much attention to PFQ, I didn't get that many scours. Nonetheless, finally at 300! Only two real points I think are notable for this update: 1) Evolution ITEMS have surpassed the evolution STONES. I get the feeling they're actually about equal, but time will tell. 2) Finally, common berries aren't rarer than standard berries! ...by being as common as standard berries. I still get the feeling this is a fluke.
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Pages: 12

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