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Bug, Kate and Aster's Descriptions and Hunts (Open)

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18/100 orders complete
why did I open this shop?
I opened because someone I did this for inspired me to do it. Even though they didn't say I should, the opportunity helped me figure it out. I hope you will help me continue.
Wait List
- ScarletRain - - - - - -
Thank you for visiting. Please do ask questions if you have any.
* All Pokefarm Ryles Apply * First Come, First Served * Please Use the Form ( In Descriptions & Naming) * Descriptions are free as long as you credit me * The person who asked for their description is for their use only
What I Can Do: * Poems * Short Stories * Renaming * Custom (please specify) For receiving the description, you can either send me the Pokemon and I can type it up or I can post it here and you can copy and paste. We can also make these for Dragon Cave, but you will have to copy and paste.
Username: What Will I Be Doing: (see descriptions) Main Idea: Other:
Example #1: Poem Example #2: Short Story
Banner: Code: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/204107/Bug-Kate-and-Aster-s-Descriptions-and-Hunts-Open/post/4356003
Shop template by Esme https://pokefarm.com/user/Esme Shop banner by Asteroidpizza39 Art Shop Profile sprite by napsta blooky
Beautiful avatar/ sprite by napsta blooky. Shop template by Esme.
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Hello! This is my (Aster's) section of the shop! Please refer to me useing @Aster when you want to buy from me, and remember to use the form. Alright! You can order now! I currently have a very large order, and am unable to accept more until I complete it. Thank you for understanding. Waiting List:
Username Order
Sage March 10x Box Box
Filler Filler-O
Filler Filler-O
Filler Filler-O
Filler Filler-O
Filler Filler-O
Prices: Any Box: 2k credits or equivilent Box Box: 40k credits or equivilent Specific Type Of Box: 3k credits of equivilent
Here is a list of all the boxes I have. You can see the amount of each type of box I have, the amount of special boxes I have, as well as the total amount i have. Here is the table:
Cute Box
Dainty Box
Deluxe Box
Glittery Box
Gorgeous Box
Hard Box
Heavy Box
Light Box
Nifty Box
Pretty Box
Shiny Box
Sinister Box
Box Box
Box Box Box
Gragon's Stash
Total: 12
Here are the forms for purchasing boxes:


Normal Boxes

Hey Aster! I'd like some boxes! [b]Username:[/b] [b]Amount of Boxes:[/b] [b]Payment Method:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Box Box Hunts

Hey Aster! I'd like a Box Box hunt! [b]Username:[/b] [b]Amount of Box Boxes:[/b] [b]Payment Method:[/b] [Other[/b]

Specific Boxes

Hey Aster! I'd like some specific boxes! [b]Username:[/b] [b]Amount of Boxes:[/b] [b]Payment Method:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
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1/100 Pokemon found
Why do I do Shelter Hunts?
I want to help others who need help.I feel that kindness should be shared,not kept by one person.
Wait List
FrostNova Furry Creations - - - -
- All pokefarm rules apply - First come, first serve - Please use the form (see form page) - You can only order one Pokemon at a time. You are welcome to another after you revive the one before
We can hunt for: - Variants - Exclusives - Legendary - Normal every day Pokemon We can't hunt for: - Shines - Albinos - Melans - Delta
Variants are 2gp or 2,000cr. Exclusives are 5gp or 5,000cr. Legends are 10gp or 10,000. Normal Pokemon are free. You can also offer on something. If fair, we can lower the price.
Username: What type of Pokemon: (see what we can do) Gender: Berry preference: Other:
Content 6
Wanting:Ice/Flying Gems of any Size
Needing 140 Ice
Needing 140 Flying
Shiny Articuno Hunt
All non-shiny Articuno are UFT I hatch!

Price:100k cr/100gp/30zc Each

Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
BACON PARTYYY!!! *sighs*COME THE HECK ON! Welp,gonna get me some- Nope.
Featured Story
Made by WinterFoxxo
Sammy345's AvatarSammy345
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Reserved for something else
Sage March's AvatarSage March
Sage March's Avatar
@Aster Hey Aster! I'd like a Box Box hunt! Username: Sage March Amount of Box Boxes: not sure if you have a maximum? I'd like to order 10, but if that's too many let me know! Payment Method: 400kCr OtherThanks so much!
Avatar created by Elizadesu, for me.
FrostNova's AvatarFrostNova
FrostNova's Avatar
@Kate Username: FrostNova What type of Pokemon: Kinaster Gender: Either Berry preference: None Other: I hope I did this right...
@Sammy Username: FrostNova What Will I Be Doing: Short story for him Main Idea: Escaping the past and his old way of life Other: The quote he has might help, thanks, and I still absolutely love the short story you wrote for me before
@Aster Hey Aster! I'd like some boxes! Username: FrostNova Amount of Boxes: 20 Payment Method: 40k Credits, I think, I hope I did my math right, if not just poke me and let me know Other: Just any box is good with me! Thanks! ^^
Avatar made by BandanaPirate of my oc Timeless
Sammy345's AvatarSammy345
Sammy345's Avatar
@FrostNova I'll get on the short story soon. Might take a few hours like the last one did.
@FrostNova I currently have a very large order of boxes to take care of. Please wait until the order is complete.
Sammy345's AvatarSammy345
Sammy345's Avatar
@FrostNova Here it is: He may not remember well, but soon his past will swallow him up and torture him till the day he dies. Hakei, a albino Absol, has lived in some of the most beautiful lands in all the world, trying to forget about the darkness if his past. He seemed to like being near waterfalls in the highest mountain ranges. They were breath taking, calming and helped Hakei stay sane. He would stay days and nights before leaving. It was hard to leave. Especially because of his many reasons, those of which forbid himself to think about. As hard as he tried, it seems that someone or something is making him think those things, killing him from the inside. Walking along a path, moving farther away from his resting place, something moves through the treetops. A red and black figure, a Darkrai. It stops in front of Hakei, scaring him to the core. He has seen Darkrai in his nightmares many times before. Darkrai tortures Hakei with his past, swallowing him up. His eyes go dull. Outlaw. Rodent. Useless. Words like this rush through his head. Hakei falls to the ground and stays there. For as long as time will tell.

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