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Team Breakneck Blitz Feb. Raffle!

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ChromaticHue's AvatarChromaticHue
ChromaticHue's Avatar


Welcome to Breakneck Blitz's February raffle! You can find all the information you need down below. The Fantastic Team thread can be found right over here CLICK ME! - Any Generous Donations will be accepted until the event ends, 3 days ago. -Entries will be accepted till the 17th of February, the raffle will be drawn on February 18th. - All Entries will be put into a list generator on Random.org, randomized, and then a number generator will be used to pick an according amount of numbers and the winners pulled from the corresponding lines for their prizes! -It is possible to win more than one prize!

How to Enter

1.Be a part of TEAM NORMAL! 2.Type [inventory=typerace] in your post! 3.For every 200 points you have, you'll get 1 entry! Anyone over 2K points will recieve from me, ChromaticHue personally, a Shiny Witchy Purrloin for free! 4. Every 500 points, you'll get an additional point1, so at 500, 1000, 1500 and so on, you'll get another point! 5. Remember it's still a Random list at the end of the day, more points yes give you better chances overall, but no one can for sure say they'll be the only winner unless no one else enters or posts! This is What is should look like guys! My score: 2748

List of Entries/Players

Donation Entries will be marked with "- DE" after them! Updates/Additional entries will be marked -UE (When your poitn sup form their original note!) 1.12th 2.TransientReality 3.TransientReality -DE 4.DeerlingFan 5.KaiserMeowser 6.KaiserMeowser -DE 7.KaiserMeowser -DE 8.KaiserMeowser -DE 9.KaiserMeowser -DE 10.KaiserMeowse -DE 11.KaiserMeowse -DE 12.KaiserMeowse -DE 13.Wifelet 14.Wifelet -DE 15.SimpleEmpoleon 16.SimpleEmpoleon -DE 17.Nurse 18.Nurse -DE 19.Nurse -DE 20.Nurse -DE 21.SilentWolf 22.12th 23.12th 24.12th 25.12th 26.12th 27.12th 28.TransientReality 29.TransientReality 30.TransientReality 31.TransientReality 32.DeerlingFan 33.DeerlingFan 34.DeerlingFan 35.DeerlingFan 36.DeerlingFan 37.DeerlingFan 38.KaiserMeowser 39.KaiserMeowser 40.KaiserMeowser 41.Wifelet 42.Wifelet 43.Wifelet 44.Wifelet 45.Wifelet 46.Wifelet 47.Wifelet 48.SimpleEmpoleon 49.SimpleEmpoleon 50.SimpleEmpoleon 51.SimpleEmpoleon 52.SimpleEmpoleon 54.Nurse 55.Nurse 56.Nurse 57.Nurse 58.Nurse 59.Nurse 60.Nurse 61.Nurse 62.Nurse 63.Nurse 64.Nurse 65.SilentWolf 66.SilentWolf 67.SilentWolf 68.SilentWolf 69.SilentWolf 70.SilentWolf 71.SilentWolf 72.SilentWolf 73.SilentWolf 74.SilentWolf 75.SilentWolf 76.SilentWolf 77.Doduo 78.Doduo 79.Doduo 80.Doduo 81.Doduo 82.Doduo 83.Doduo -DE 84.Doduo -DE 85.SilentWolf -DE 86.SilentWolf -DE 87.SilentWolf -DE 88.SilentWolf -DE 89.SilentWolf -DE 90.Nurse -DE 91.Nurse -DE 92.Nurse -DE 93.trüënëüträl 94.trüënëüträl 95.trüënëüträl 96.trüënëüträl -DE 97.trüënëüträl -DE 98.trüënëüträl -DE 99.trüënëüträl -DE 100.RainbowChris 101.RainbowChris 102.Engineer 103.Engineer 104.Engineer 105.Flareth 106.Flareth 107.Flareth 108.Flareth 109.Flareth 110.Flareth 111.Flareth 112.Flareth -DE 113.Flareth -DE 114.RichDragon 115.RichDragon 116.RichDragon 117.RichDragon 118.RichDragon 119.RichDragon 120.RichDragon 121.RichDragon 122.RichDragon 123.RichDragon 124.RichDragon 125.RichDragon 126.RichDragon -DE 127.RichDragon -DE 128.RichDragon -DE 129.RichDragon -DE 130.RichDragon -DE 131.RichDragon -DE 132.RichDragon -DE 133.RichDragon -DE 134.RichDragon -DE 135.RichDragon -DE 136.RichDragon -DE 137.RichDragon -DE 138.RichDragon -DE 139.RichDragon -DE 140.RichDragon -DE 141.Aranea 142.Aranea 143.Aranea 144.Aranea 145.Aranea 146.Aranea 147.SkyreVermin 148.SkyreVermin 149.SkyreVermin 150.SkyreVermin -DE 151.TransientReality -DE 152.12th -UE 153.TransientReality -UE 154.DeerlingFan -UE 155.KaiserMeowser -UE 156.KaiserMeowser -UE 157.Wifelet -UE 158.Wifelet -UE 159.SimpleEmpoleon -UE 160.SimpleEmpoleon -UE 161.Nurse -UE 162.Nurse -UE 163.Nurse -UE 164.SilentWolf -UE 165.SilentWolf -UE 166.Doduo -UE 167.Doduo -UE 168.Doduo -UE 169.Doduo -UE 170.trüënëüträl -UE 171.Flareth -UE 172.RichDragon -UE 173.RichDragon -UE 174.RichDragon -UE 175.EifiCopper 176.EifiCopper 177.EifiCopper 178.EifiCopper 179.EifiCopper 180.EifiCopper 181.EifiCopper 182.EifiCopper 183.EifiCopper 184.EifiCopper -DE 185.EifiCopper -DE 186.EifiCopper -DE 187.EifiCopper -DE 188.EifiCopper -DE 189.Akibee 190.Akibee 191.Akibee 192.Akibee 193.Akibee 194.Akibee 195.Akibee 196.Akibee 197.Akibee 198.Akibee 199.Akibee 200.Akibee 201.Akibee 202.Akibee 203.Akibee 204.Akibee 205.Akibee 206.Akibee 207.Akibee 208.Akibee 209.Akibee -DE 210.SkyreVermin -DE 211.Sonicboom1629 212.Sonicboom1629 213.Sonicboom1629 214.SkyreVermin 215.Aranea 216.Doduo 217.RichDragon 218.RainbowChris 219.Nurse 220.Nurse 221.Nurse 222.SimpleEmpoleon 223.SimpleEmpoleon 224.SimpleEmpoleon 225.SimpleEmpoleon 226.KaiserMeowser 227.KaiserMeowser 228.KaiserMeowser 229.TransientReality

Check out these Mad Cool Prizes!

Prize Distribution Info

There are two scenarios and I'll choose one depending on how many prizes are available. - Scenario A: There are enough Prizes for every entrant/player! Then we randomize the entries list, and the Prize list and hand out accordingly! - Scenario B: There aren't enough prizes for everyone. The List will be randomized still, and a number will be rolled for each prize and given to the assigned person/number correspondant. However, no number can be picked twice, so if 55 is rolled for example, it will be removed form the list and if the generator tries to roll it again, it will be rolled as if it had not hit that number.

Donation guidelines

Oh wow, you want to donate soemthing too! That's so awesome, you guys and Gals, and They's and Them's, Xe/Ze, Everyone, You are all the best, thanks for being so kind and generous! You'll get an additional entry into the contest too for accepted donations! That's nifty too right? As these prizes are going to be given out to our participants, and that includes you too, so let's make sure it's something we'd be happy to recieve ourselves! The Ideal Prizes- - Shiny/Albino Pokemon - Melans (Oh wow, that would be super generous!) - Variants/Exclusive Pokemon - Lucky Seals, Egg Passes, Mega Vouchers - Medium and Large Gems - Summon Items But we know not everyone has that kinda stuff to give and please don't feel bad if you don't or can't! We appreciate everyone's donations and participation!

The Prizes



*** Note: Medium Gems will be handed out in sets of 2 per prize pull, and any left overs paired with other left overs! Large Gems are going to be given as 1 per entry pulled, so 1:1 idea!
Medium Large
Normal 4 3
Fire 4 0
Water 1 0
Grass 0 0
Electric 0 0
Ice 0 0
Fighting 0 0
Poison 0 0
Ground 0 0
Flying 2 0
Psychic 0 0
Bug 2 0
Rock 0 0
Ghost 0 0
Dark 4 2
Steel 0 0
Dragon 0 0
Fairy 1 0
** Note: Any Item with more than one will be given out in the following manner! Shiny Charms - 1 per winning number pulled DCP's- 10xDCPs Per winner pulled! (So at 100, that's 10 winners recieving 10 DCPs)
Account Upgrades
Red Gigaremo
x 1
DayCare Pass
x 100
Shiny Charm
x 2
Lab Reloader
x 12
Fire Fang
Wishing Stone
Victory Medal
GS Ball
12th's Avatar12th
12th's Avatar
I'd like to enter! Points: 1501 Thank you so much for the opportunity! ;v;
I'll join! Score: 1209 I'll throw in 2 Normal Medium gems so people can upgrade their badges from the race too :3
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DeerlingFan's AvatarDeerlingFan
DeerlingFan's Avatar
Hi I'd like to entry as well Current score 1587 Thank you for hosting and I'll be sure to send a prize over before the end of the type race.
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KaiserMeowser's AvatarKaiserMeowser
KaiserMeowser's Avatar
Joining~ 1639 Donating some random medium gems~
ChromaticHue's AvatarChromaticHue
ChromaticHue's Avatar
Thank you both! I'll get all your entries noted ASAP!
Wifelet's AvatarWifelet
Wifelet's Avatar
My score: 1974 I will send over a shiny something once I get chance to look through what I have.
I'll join too~ Score: 2213 Sending a shiny Audino as donation~
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Nurse's AvatarNurse
Nurse's Avatar
Love these raffles :3 MyScore: 3451 I also sent over a shiny and albino Miltank! May send some more soon :3
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SilentWolf's AvatarSilentWolf
SilentWolf's Avatar
Thanks for the raffle~ I’ll send over some shinies for it! My score: 2842~
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