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I understand the legal issue with people submitting/suggesting certain fakemon, however I was wondering what problems there would be with players voting between different ideas posed by the staff? If there has been one in the past, please correct me, but I don't remember there ever being one, and it seems like it would be an interesting way to get some community feedback about new and upcoming sprites, as well as a good way to get the playerbase involved in the selection of upcoming sprites. For example, the staff could say, "We are looking at making a version of X pokemon, Vote on Y details about the pokemon" These details could include typing(which could change appearance), number of evolutions, etc. I was curious why something like this hasn't been done before. Has it not been thought of, or is there a legal issue I'm missing here as well?
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I'm pretty sure there are no legal issues (I might be wrong), but I also don't think this isn't done because no one has thought of it yet. There are three huge downsides to this that I can think of off the top of my head 1. It makes the whole progress way longer. I'm not part of the art team, so I can't really compare things, but involving the community would probably make the creation of a new sprite more time consuming. With the remaking of the old sprites I'd say the art team already has a lot on their plates, so piling on with making more concepts and making polls (and having people pm them with 'Why is my favourite typing not on here??????') does not seem like a good usage of their time 2. People will scream. I'm not sure if this behaviour has a name, but it's a thing. When you give people something for free, they're usually pretty happy about it. Sometimes they don't like that thing, but then the majority of them goes 'meh, don't like it, but it's cool'. Give the same people three options to choose from and only one one can win and people who picked the other two options will become super unhappy. That has to do with feeling like you're missing out or like something was taken from you (even though that's not true. That also can happen when people see others getting something for cheaper/free and they themselves don't) 3. It kinda ruins the suprise. While just voting on things like typing won't give too much away, I personally prefer to be completely surprised about new things. This is of course a more subjective point than the other two, but I really like how the art team keeps us on our toes with new sprites If you'd like polls for new stuff, you can always make a suggestion and see what people think
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