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Aesthetic Adopts Auctions

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Venomamander's AvatarVenomamander
Venomamander's Avatar
I missed making aesthetic adopts, so I made more! I might keep doing these if they sell well? Who knows. Rules: - I'm only accepting PFQ currency for these, no real money or items please - If you win them then I'll PM you an unwatermarked version of it (not really a rule but y'know) - All I ask is you credit me for the design if you win (you can use my profile on here or my TH) but you can change the design however you'd like - Your bid must increase by 20 GP/ 4 ZC/ 20,000 Credits to avoid spam - If you autobuy you get a free icon of your character Ends on 2/20/19 at reset:

#1, Sleepy Puppy

A puppy that needs a good nap and some cuddles. Starting Bid: 500 GP/ 100 ZC/ 50,000 Credits Autobuy: 4,000 GP/ 800 ZC/ 4,000,000 Credits Current Bid: 600 GP by Miffed ❤
Icon was made by me 👌
Miss Nona's AvatarMiss Nona
Miss Nona's Avatar
can i AB the dragon with 400 000 credits?
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Virafiel's AvatarVirafiel
Virafiel's Avatar
SB in Credits on #2, please~
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Venomamander's AvatarVenomamander
Venomamander's Avatar
@Miss Nona, of course, thank you :D! I'll go ahead and do an icon for her then PM you both drawings after you send the credits! ❤ @Virafiel, I put you down, thank you very much!
Venomamander's AvatarVenomamander
Venomamander's Avatar
Bump! Two new auctions have been added, and there's a few days left on the first two! ♡
Venomamander's AvatarVenomamander
Venomamander's Avatar
Bump! Only keeping this up for a little less than a week (until all the auctions end) ♡
Magalia323's AvatarMagalia323
Magalia323's Avatar
SB on 1, 3, 4 please!
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Venomamander's AvatarVenomamander
Venomamander's Avatar
@Magalia323, I'll put you down, thank you very much!! ❤
Miffed's AvatarMiffed
Miffed's Avatar
Henlo!! 600 gp for number four? ❤️ Hope that’s right, sorry if not baby I can add more!
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Venomamander's AvatarVenomamander
Venomamander's Avatar
@Miffed, Hello cutie 💖 that's perfect, I'll put you down! Thank you!

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