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Ubercharm or Hypermode?

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DustBunny369's AvatarDustBunny369
DustBunny369's Avatar
I've been trying to save up ZC for either the Ubercharm or the 28day Hypermode pass, I was curious what would be the better option to save for. I currently have 200 ZC and the Ubercharm is really taunting me, but I don't want to waste ZC if it's not as good as Hypermode for the price. I'm mostly focusing on shiny/albino hunting at the moment.
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
HYPERMODE!! Hypermode is much, MUCH more useful. Being able to have your chain go up to 40 is a HUGE boost, much more than just the x2 boost ubercharm gives! While there are no "official" shiny rates, this post has very informative estimations. Without HM but with an ubercharm, your chances are about 1/336, while with HM but without an ubercharm, your chances are about 1/100. Not to mention the other perks of HM, such as the GP discount, the extra daycare adopts, the free GP, etc, etc. The only downside of just HM is it doesn't give you the x2 albino boost that the ubercharm does, but at least IMO the chaining benefits (+ other benefits) outweighs that.
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DustBunny369's AvatarDustBunny369
DustBunny369's Avatar
Oh alright, thank you very much! Back to saving hehe

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