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SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Quartz takes the shovel, and uses the plastic bag as a makeshift raincoat to go with her oversized hat. She walks up to Ignis, proud of her little invention. "Tadaa!" She squeaked, feeling a little bit better about the situation. Amatus nodded. He didn't say anything, but just waited for the group. He shifted his bags, making sure to keep them closed. Maybe he should've grabbed something besides the multitude of coffee packets, and bread. He really didn't even like coffee that much to begin with.
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
Sen's AvatarSen
Sen's Avatar
Ignis chuckles slightly at the youngling's outfit. Crafty and useful. She crouches down to the ground and lightly pats the albino vulpixs head. More correctly their construction hat, but it works."That's a lovely outfit you made youngling." Rhe orange gardevior smiles. "You done feeling sappy there? We're waiting for your lovey dovey specatcle to be over." Paveron rolls his eyes at the sight. Ignis glares at the chubby vaperon and sighs. The rain is not feeling well, they really need to move. She sighs and carries the vulpix towards the lopunny. "Take good care of her." Eyes daggered closely. She waits for the other pokemons to get moving. (going to wait for purple quartz replies and either asteroids reply, but other than that I'll make the group move later after both of them replied or not ^^)
Avatar made by me and piks is my oc yeet. oh! it's my journal! i have to make some sort of design for this too... 1 1 1
(Sen just remember that you or Ruby can move Dusk since I'm not gonna be too active this week.)
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
Sen's AvatarSen
Sen's Avatar
(alrighty then, thanks for telling us that)

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