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Melan Hunting

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I know that the amount of charge you give to your albino radar can really improve your chances of hatching an albino. Does this apply to melans as well since they're both a shiny and albino at the same time? Or is melan still just completely random on its own?
Mareep's AvatarMareep
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It also influences the melan chances. A melan doesn't happen 'completely random on its own'. I took the following from one of my melan's timelines [17/Apr/2017 10:02:39] Albino hatched with Level 7 Albino Radar +Über [17/Apr/2017 10:02:39] Shiny hatched 93/3793 in chain +Charm +Über All boosts to either your shiny or albino chance will influence the chance of a melan. Otherwise no one would need to use z-crystals or shiny charms
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Well I didn't necessarily mean completely random I just didn't know how to phrase it haha. I thought that the AR had something to do with it and its nice to know that I can mildly influence my chances. I just need to stock up on IPnow. Also, when you gave the stat for your chain, what does the 93/3793 mean? Because if you got a melan on your 93 egg that's so cool and congrats to you!
Calypso's AvatarCalypso
Calypso's Avatar
Those numbers mean the chain it was hatched in. For example, my melan In her description of hatching and such, theres a line that says "Shiny hatched 447/12215 in chain +Charm +Über" That means that she was the 447 shiny in a chain of 12215 total ^^ Hope that helps
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Oh! So the second number is the actual amount of eggs it took to get, and the first is just how many shinies there were during it?
Calypso's AvatarCalypso
Calypso's Avatar
Yeah :) Albinos don't have a tracker (unless yo keep track on your own) since they are all technically "random" I believe
This was all great to know, thank you both so much!

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