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How to get certain Variant egg dexes?

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KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
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Hello! First, thanks for taking time to read & help with my problem! I checked the wiki but it only mentions that EB Line & Vampire Line can be gotten by trading with other users.. So does that mean there's no other way of getting their egg dex, unless one had gotten them when they were originally handed out? Or can you breed them by getting them + breed with ditto or such? Also, am I correct in assuming breeding variants will result in normal versions of them? Or there's still low chance of getting variant eggs? e.g. 1. Even if you breed 2 Shinxels, because it is not female buizel + male Shinx, it won't result in Shinxel eggs e.g. 2. Even if you breed 2 Guild Jiggypuffs, because female Guild Jiggypuff doesn't have 5 perfect IV or know preferred scour area, it will result in normal Jiggypuff eggs Thanks in advance!
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EB Natu and Vamp Gligar are breedable, but there is no other way to obtain the eggdex entry. Variants can be bred together for a small chance of breeding a variant egg, but will also produce its base Pokémon eggs.
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KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
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I see, thank you so much for the answer- and so quickly, too! xD I was confused because the wiki entry doesn't mention it is possible to get them by breeding, just that you can get them by trading, unlike other entries :D

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