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Evons of Nature

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@Glaciersong Didn’t wanna take up too much space so I put them into a-sections in a accordion.
So if you open a box and press another, the already opened one with close.

Flareon and Vaporeon

Now that you said that, I can kinda agree with your opinion on Flareon and Vaporeon.I do really like the color chosen for Vaporeon but I don’t find any reason for it to be purple? I actually just searched up Flareon’s shiny and I think it could be somewhat more saturated?It looks dull to me.

Glaceon and Leafeon

Glaceon’s shiny is still different, but not too much.The palette stays the same or is very similar, but it just is more saturated and bright.Which makes total sense because it’s literally called “Shiny”. Leafeon’s shiny made it more saturated in colors and I like the minty color they chose for the green!

Jolteon and Umbreon

I have nothing against Jolteon’s shiny because it’s not an eye bleeding neon green like Espeon.I actually have one named “Green Apple” in PFQ. Umbreon’s
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shiny is okay.I don’t really know how to express my opinions on it.


Eevee’s shiny actually really does show normality and also shiny essential in it.You can look at it and see “oh this is Normal” because it’s not with all those different shades and colors, just light gray and some blue and brown.But at the same time you can tell it’s a shiny ‘mon because it just.. shows it.
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Well, I dislike shinies just because of what they are. Everyone has a lot but I'm the exception. Other than that. I love the coffee brown Flareon because all of it fits great, and the smooth outer fluff makes it look nice with the brown fur. I also like shiny Eevees. I dislike shiny Sylveon because it just swaps the blue and pink, it's pretty lazy. I would've liked some kind of gold yellow and purple ribbons instead of just swapping the colors. And I never liked its normal colors either. Another lazy change is Umbreon. I mean, blue rings, yellow eyes, period. I could say Glaceon is also pretty lazy, its just some more bright. And a friend of mine made me actually dislike shiny Glaceons. I prefer the normal colours over anything.
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Espeon is definitely the worst shiny Eeveelution in my opinion, not only do I dislike most shades of green, but a Pokémon that is mostly a really bright and neon green just looks kinda bad. Jolteon and Vaporeon’s shinies are decent, but aren’t really that good. Flareon’s shiny is kinda cute, as it looks like a fluffy and sparklelier version of a regular Eevee, which is quite cute. Leafeon and Glaceon’s shinies are quite lazy, though Glaceon’s does look kinda snow-like which is fitting for an Ice-type (and is quite like one of my favourite shinies, Amaura/Aurorus). I can’t quite decide what my favourite Eeveelution shiny is between Sylveon and Umbreon; as Umbreon’s shiny looks slightly more eerie than and fitting for a Dark-type than regular Umbreon, and I quite like the “main-accent-swap” shinies like Sylveon, especially Sylveon as it’s really cute and I like its colour scheme. Eevee’s shiny is also nice too, in fact, it was the first shiny I got after a long SOS chain and I don't plan on evolving it. In short my least favourite Eeveelution shiny is Espeon and my favourite is a tie between Sylveon and Umbreon
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I would like to join Evons of Nature! Username: PurpleQuartz Nickname: Quartz Favorite Eeveelution: Vaporeon Least Favorite Eeveelution: Jolteon Password: Noeropav How did you find us:
Old clan
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I would like to join Evons of Nature! Username: sorax Nickname: Sora, Dan, Dannie, Danika Favorite Eeveelution: Sylveon Least Favorite Eeveelution: None Password: noevlyS How did you find us: Old Clan
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Hm... My least favorite shiny would probably be Flareon. I just generally dislike Flareon as an Eeveelution, and it's shiny design is kind of lame when you think about how they could have implemented the design for its colors. Although I also dislike the lame color swap of Sylveon, despite me being partial to Sylveon in the first place. It's lazy and could have done better with something like orange and purple, or maybe even silver and blue colors instead.
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@Purple and Sora, you're accepted! Welcome to the clan, and feel free to join in on the conversation (Favorite/Least Favorite Eeveelution Shinies) or start a new one!
Hello everyone I would like to remind everyone that a few days have passed with no topic or activity. Anyone is free to start a new topic and revive the clan~
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Not much to say actually :/
Maybe start with the actual games? So What’s your favourite eeveelution Pokemon when used in battle? At my first game which was X , I was fell in love with Sylveon from first sight , sure it was a pain trying to get high affection for it but it was worth it . She was a tank [ Towards my Team ] since most of my team is just a bunch of mess [ Hey , Little old me isn’t a good Pokémon gamer ] , She had quick claw along with Moonblast , Draining Kiss , Dazzling Gleam and Calm Mind .. Sure she isn’t an angel but who cares That later on switched towards umbreon SINCE I was doing my Ultra Moon Nuzlocke [ With a few of my own rules ], I accidentally evolved Eevee into a Sylveon and went back towards the route I founded Eevee and quickly hunted for that pesky fox . And since my team Lv is very high [ Not that high .. Guessing 30-40 ] I had to train this bastard meaning... I made lots of random encounters in the wild . And finally thank GOD , He is now an umbreon... Hhh
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Well, I've only used eeveelutions in two of the games I've played, as I didn't know where Eevee was found in OR, if it even was, and didn't incorperate an Eeeveelution into my team in UM when planning it out (Though I wish I did, it would've meant I had four Pokemon for that annoying Totem Togedemaru...) Anyways, for the games I've used Eeveelutions in, I used Sylveon in Y, if I recall correctly, he has a Big Root and knows the moves Moonblast, Calm Mind, Misty Terrain (which was very rarely used) and Psychic; he's quite strong and single-handedly took down four of Diantha's Pokemon with relative ease (aside from the time he got freezehacked) and overall is probably the second bulkiest Pokemon on my team in that game (though he might be slighty bulkier than my Venusaur, not sure). Then I used Jolteon in Pokemon Sun, where he has an Electrium Z and knows the moves Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Volt Switch and Shadow Ball (If I recall correctly), probably the fastest Pokemon on my team and was pretty strong, (and helped out a faw amount when trying to catch a Mimikyu partly due to its Volt Absorb ability). Overall I'd say Jolteon is my favourite Eeveelution when used in battle.

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