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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
- B A S I C-
Name; Constantine/Connie Age; N/A Location: UK - Timezone GMT Pronouns: I don't care much for pronouns; any will do, but I gravitate towards m and f usage. In all honesty, I'm for the power of 'names', rather than pronouns. Basically removing the usage of pronouns altogether in the replacement of a name after introduction. Ethnicity: Mixed Race. West Indian/White - in other words. Caribbean/West Indies. Yorkshire, mate. Sexuality: Pansexual Staff Position Supermoderator, Forum Manager. It Just means I overlook the forum and give guidance to the other moderators regarding the forum. * I do not have anything to do with design/development or art on the site. Just the forum. I am not an admin. Obligatory advisory: Aspergers, dyslexia, anxiety and depression - all diagnosed.
- L I K E S -
I play a lot of video games and read far too many books. I enjoy writing and world-building with friends. Star Wars/Elderscrolls/Fallout/Castlevania/Pokemon - are very big to me. Beyond this, I love history and game/film soundtracks. Oh, I'm a big fan of Hootie as well. She's the most caring and loving person I know with the sweetest of souls. Ah, and supernatural entities.
- D I S L I K E S -
There are a lot of things I dislike in the world, but a lot of it can simply fall under the umbrella of 'hate'. If you hate someone for what they are, for something they can't change such as skin tone, sexuality etc. Note* This includes CIS/White hate. I'm sorry, but I can't stand it and I'm neither of those things. I just find it morally repulsive to reflect hate and expect a good ending to it all. Fighting fire with fire usually ends up with an inferno - everyone gets burned.
♔ Fae King
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar

Art Work Permission and Sources


Avatar and signature; Current avatar/signature and about me is art of my OCs [Avatar], Gwendolyn Nehorai [About Me] Miztli Chunene [Signature] Gwendolyn Nehorai and Lexine Alistair who belongs to [Atra] commissioned pieces by the user Jinji for own personal only. Not for use. DO NOT TOUCHIE. OC Gwendolyn. Created by myself in Dragon Age Origins appearance designer. Edited by Atra to get rid of poop background. OC belongs to me. Avatar belongs to me. Peace. Lab-A4 Magazine The Existential client: Lab-A4 Magazine source: labgallerie.com published: July 2014 Greg Swales - Photographer Ryan Davis - Fashion Editor/Stylist Mikkel Jensen - Model Edited by myself for my own personal use. Image is free to use and on display in free model portfolio. Offical artwork used from the game Persona. Character is Sho Minazuki. Edited by me. Avatar belongs to me. 'Image is my Sith Inquistor being an arse, from bioware, swtor." -https://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/Mew_mew_x3/avatargif.gif Official artwork from Dramatical Murder Edited by myself. For non-commercial use only. https://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/Mew_mew_x3/fablebanner.png -Fable Banner https://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/Mew_mew_x3/fableavatar.png Art belongs to Lionhead studios Art is official Fable Journeys Art; Edited by myself. For non-commercial use only. Art is official. Character name: Dio Game/Anime: Zero escape Art edited by myself. Art is for non commercial use only. Linkage Both images are made with official final fantasy art rendors. Image is of Caius Ballard Game: Final Fantasy Copyright: Square Enix Image can be found on the official square enix website and final fantasy wiki. Images have been edited by myself for my own non-commercial use. Image used for Zevran Gaius Johnson template:- Image is official portfolio model image released to public. Person in image: Mikkel Jensen. Profession: Footballer || Model All rights belong to Mikkel Jensen. Photographed by Greg Swales for LAB A4 This image is for non commercial use only. Image sourcing of portfolio: x and x Image used for Vergil Valentine Image is official portfolio model image released to public. Person in image: Mikkel Jensen. Photographed by Brent Chua All rights belong to Mikkel Jensen. This image is for non-commercial use only. Source of image can be found in journal] This image is for non commercial use only. Image sourcing of portfolio: x Stark Helsing [ Part of A Game of Thrones collectible card game, illustrated by Magali Villeneuve. Copyrighted work by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). Posted in the "Card Guide Wiki" under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Stark Helsing belongs to me, Image edited by myself.] Image edited by myself and I. Sourcing: Official? Screenshot: Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers Copyright: Tolkien ( And Idk) Image: Orlando Bloom Sourcing: Official Image Screenshot from 'American Horror Story' Season 1. Copyright: FX Image: Evan Peters Creators: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk Image edited by myself for non commercial use. Asher Sakim. http://i.imgur.com/VHKQh3q.png Art by Sandara @ DeviantArt. Permission to use image here; Credit. Image belongs to her. The character Asher Sakim belongs to me. Image is official portfolio model image released to public. Person in image: Marlon Teixeira Photographed by Mario Sorrenti Just Cavalli Fragance Contract 2014 client: Just Cavalli source: justcavalli-fragrance.com published: Spring/Summer 2014 This image is for non-commercial use only. Free to use image from model portfolio. Image edited by myself for my own personal use. [Alexander Voce template] Image is official portfolio model image released to public. Model in image is Patrik Ehlert. Free to use image model PF. Image is for non-commercial use only Image edited by myself for my own personal user. [Vergil Valentine template] Magnus Helsing Official Artwork used; Castlevania. Image edited by myself. Source: Soma Cruz Promotional Art page/Konami Official Artwork Castlevania Gwendolyn Johnson Offical Artwork used: Final Fantasy 13 [Snow Villers] Image edited by myself: Source: Linkage Image + Copyright information Vergil Valentine Offical Artwork used: Final Fantasy 13 [Snow Villers] Image edited by myself: Source: Linkage Image + Information Stark Helsing Official Artwork used: Castlevania [Leon Belmont] Image edited by myself: Source: Leon Belmont page Game Artbook Angel/Demon Official Artwork used: Image edited by myself: -Ayami Kojima Mangaka -Copyright [Konami] -Castlevania -Character: Adrian Farenheights Tepes Art Book Scans Official Artwork used: Image edited by myself: -Bioware -Dragon Age Inquisition Promotional Image [Links to be added] All images used are offical artworks from game material. All are copyrighted and belong to the publisher of said games; but are available for fair use. As of such none of these images officially belong to me; though the edits done are 'my own' work. All characters belong to their rightful owners. The characters however; Stark Helsing, Magnus Helsing, Vergil Valentine, etc belong to me.

Made for Me

Image drawn by Shiro for myself. Character belongs to me and is for my use only. Links of proof image belongs to me and any other art piece posted in this contest:- -X -X -X OC Constantine belongs to me; art drawn by Ampora. Image referencing Permissions: linkage Constantine The Temperamental Tyranitar, Sovereign of 'Better than you' is my pokesona. Character belongs to me, character concept ish mine. Sprite was done by Vennik ;3; She's amazing. Permission? Welp, ask her! She doesn't bite. I suppose I can post a lovey dovey image here of me asking. Mur Torin Cresta Torin Cresta belongs to me, he is my OC and my own creation. Art was done by jinji, as a commission piece. Image belongs to me. x x x Images of Alex Voce -Proof, jinji X X X. Character Alexander [Alex] Voce belongs to me. Art drawn by jinji as part of a commission deal. Art piece belongs to me. DO NOT USE. -Proof, sscindyss X X. Character Alexander [Alex] Voce belongs to me. Art drawn by sscindyss as part of a commission deal. Art piece belongs to me. DO NOT USE. Mitzli Chunené [x] and [x]. Art belongs too me. Drawn by Jinji; paid commission art work. DO NOT USE
Posts I wanted to save due to memories;


Is now less grumpy due to this. Bloody Atra, I love this woman.


So Novie is amazing and drew my other Pokesona 'Alexius' for me; omg I love him, I love Novie, I love me. Credit goes to Novan! Obviously! In other news, I also love Hootie and every one of my friends. ;3; Thank you guys for being there for me and just, telling me what I already knew. I'd name all of you but the list is just way too dang long. But you know who you are. You're all bright lights in the sky, twinkling blah blah - sappy nonsense. All of staff are my babies All of my friends in real are my babies All of my friends on the internet are my babies ALL OF PFQ, all of those who are great people understand all, love all, respect all, think everyone deserves to be treated EQUALLY are my babies Hootie, you're not my baby, you're my bean. And I love you ;3; you are an amazing woman and I'm so happy you're in my life. Just like I'm happy that all my friends, my family, my community etc, are in my life. You make me stronger. You're all great.
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar

Changes in Life!

The 7th of October is going to be a big day for me, perhaps even life-changing and I'm rather scared and yet so thoroughly excited about this change. To sum it up, I'm going to be a 'parent' - and by that, I mean my new best friend and companion will be picked up and snuggled. I'm getting a puppy, guys! Life had gotten me down as I finished up university, really down. Depression and anxiety ended up getting so bad that I couldn't leave my house - period for up to a weeks time. I had to stockpile food to counterbalance this. I'm sure plenty of people know about such anxieties, they get so bad that you ended up physically shaking, sweating, throwing up at the mere motion of just stepping outside. I had to deal with that, and more still, I had to go out... You see, I lived away from home in a big city and with no carer in place. I honestly should have gotten a carer given to me. But you know how it goes, when you're in that state you don't wish to deal with the situation, and you think that others don't want to deal with it either — waste of time, etc. Anyway, I was down and out - really down. I won't go into details. But I really wasn't seeing that light at the corner, or instead, I did, and it was just so far and out of reach that it made me so emotionally tired and bitter. I hated myself even more for not being capable of doing the simple things that everyday people could. I'd love to go outside on my own. I want to look at myself and think 'this is going to be a good day'. But anyway, this is getting so very sad. We need to look at the good here. So, with the help of Hootie - she pushed me to go into the doctors again. Get the ball rolling to have certain things done. Medication upped consultation regarding breast removal, and to check my heart is running okay. But most of all, it gave me a push to better myself. I had hit a crossroad and some acceptance that I couldn't leave the house without a distraction, someone or something there as a safety net to calm me down. Now, support dogs for mental health are becoming more popular in the UK. But as you can imagine, the charities that train these dogs are swamped. The process would take me some time, perhaps years to get my support dog. What's more, is well, you know the issue - the thoughts of 'I don't deserve this, someone more deserving and suffering more should get this.' Pop into my mind. So, after councilling and talking to my GP - they brought up the idea of buying my pet. I believe they brought this forward because I may have difficulty taking caring of myself, but this is more out of guilt and hatred for myself. I can take care of someone else, or an animal and that animal and/or person would get more attention than what I give myself. But more so that a pet provides unconditional love, and after years of seclusion in a big city chasing dreams that are so close yet so far. The love of a pup would do me wonders. I've been stressing however and having some difficulty sleeping. What if I can't take care of him? What if I'm a terrible 'parent'? I've bought books and been watching countless training videos to get myself ready. I've purchased all of the stuff he's going to need in advance - more than the necessities. I've researched vets and pet insurance. I've done so much already, but as anyone would be in my situation, I'm still worried. Nothing beats having the real thing. I've saved up money for dog training just in case it's needed. I want things to go right. This is going to be a significant change for him as it is me. I hope it goes well, and that my fur baby 'Chief' and I will be spending countless of years getting to know one another and learn everything possible to know. I'm excited to gain a friend and long-time companion. And I'm also excited to be able to go outside without fearing an attack finally - or so I hope. I'll be talking to Hootie when I walk and will go on walks with my mother as well at first. Baby steps. Anyway, thank you for hearing my rant! I'll post the obligatory puppy tax when I finally get him.
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
It happened guys! He's here! My little boy Chief is finally home! I feel bad because I wasn't exactly excited when I picked him up; I was filled with anxiety and anticipation regarding it. Did I make the right choice etc? But seeing him, oh lord, I was happy, and I knew I picked a best friend. Of course with all puppies comes the fact he's just a baby, and I still need to get over that hurdle that dogs do not have some magical translator. Harder than actually having a human baby? Heck no; but that doesn't eliminate the fact puppies are hard to look after. My lifestyle before was just games and sleeping in, trying to brainstorm. I can't do that right now because of him. Slight irritation was bound to happen due to my change in routine - I really dislike my routine being changed - but we've both come along, and I certainly need to get out of this lousy routine I have if I want to be successful in both my career and lifestyle. He's eating well! Only had a few accidents in the house, only number 1s - thank god. I understand it will take a very long time to house train him, but I'm more than happy to ride this out. I'm excited to go outside with him as well. So I'm super happy about him being fully vaccinated so he can go on walks - should help tire him out. As well as continue with his usual training. We're working on his name now, and the whole 'sit' and 'lay down' - he's getting there. But again, this will take some time. He's only eight weeks after all. Right now I'm trying to get the communication down with him. When he's in his crate, he likes to whine. I need to see just why he's doing that. So far his whining has been because of separation. If I lay down next to the crate while he's in there, he does a few little whimpers then quietens down. The other whimpers seem to be ones where he needs the bathroom. There have been some whines where he wants to get on my bed though, I put that down to separation, and he likes my bed, it smells like me, and I'm usually close. He doesn't snuggle right up; he sprawls near the pillows! He also loves the toys his mama, Hootie, brought him, so that's good. Going to need to introduce him getting used to her voice as well. Should make it slightly easier when she comes to visit. Anyway, here we have some pictures! For those wondering he's a German Shepard Akita mix. I'm so happy he's got the curled Akita tail.
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Yo look at this fluffy lil poop. He hasn't grown into his ears yet, lel what a looooser. Big boy floofers now.

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