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My first serious hunt/project

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axes's Avataraxes
axes's Avatar
Hi everyone, so I'm a casual player that has been collecting some mons, and now I have decided to start a serious hunt (I tried hunting Carvanha one time and got two shinies, but now I want to do a more serious project). My idea is to hunt Magikarp, and I want to know your opinions on my ideas and posible advice. So first of all, what do I have: -Pokeradar -Shelter pass S -A ton of patience What I'm looking for: -Min of three shiny -Min of three albino -One melan (maybe?) -All delta magikarps -Maybe some shiny delta? I don't have shiny/uber charms and rn I'm lacking currency, so I'll be hunting the old way. I'm guessing that during my project I'll be hatching some delta/shiny dupes so I suppose I'll be selling it 50k Cr it's a fair amount? Also if you're interested in any particular carp, you can contact me and once I get a dupe we can trade (listening to any offers: cr/gp/zc/dp/items or even help with my hunt such as lending me passes). Progress right now: -Chain of 104 carps -4 deltas (poison, dragon, rock and electric) Sorry for my bad english, I'm not native
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
GET HYPERMODE IF YOU CAN. Trust me, hunting is an absolute nightmare without it, I know from experience.
axes's Avataraxes
axes's Avatar
I'm sitting at 85zc and trying to sell stuff so I can reach the hypermode. But for now I'll try without it
KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
The easiest way to get ZC is by selling Box Boxes. I would highly recommend HM first, honestly. Without it, you're looking at not having duplicates to sell. Some people go into the thousands of eggs before they get even their first shiny let alone more than one and extras to sell. You could be lucky and have 5 in those thousand but that's a large gamble. Barring a random melan or super amazing luck, the odds of hatching a melan without HM are ridiculously improbable. :/ So, for the goals you're wanting I would highly suggest it. If you only wanted one or two shinies that'd be a different story. Good luck! =o
axes's Avataraxes
axes's Avatar
Thanks for your reply! Now I'm saving all boxes in order to sell them, so I can grab the hm. For the moment I'm at 112 eggs and no shinys (some deltas, and already a delta dupe, but nothing interesting to sell for the moment)

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