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2 fields of cheap legends, exclusives, variants

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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
my first 3 2 fields need to go. legends/exclusives are 5gp, variants are 2gp. EXCEPT waggel and quetzephyr. those are free. please link the pokemon you want if possible!
journalshoptemplate shopavatar
KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
May I have both Zeraora in 1st field & Zygarde in 2nd? 15 GP, right?
KainCrow's Trinket Trading /RTE/GEM/Items/Services RTE, Gem, Summons, S/A, Exclusive/Variant/Legends, Services. Offering Currency Trade Service 1:5:5k for my ZC, 1:6:6k for your GP/CR. =====Current Goals====== Saving for HM 365 Days & SC Box // Arceus Rank ======Notable Pokemons=====
First Albino Legendary
First Albino
First Shiny
=========== When in need.. Mass Click and sell Albino Radars. Kain the Crow of the Crow Valley, Mischievous and Unpredictable D.S. By the way, who know the relationship b/w a fox and a crow?
Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
yep! i sent them~
Woldo's AvatarWoldo
Woldo's Avatar
May I have Faemueño Zekrom Kyurem Luckoo Glaquine Tillink Bunbori Kryptik one of the spooders Hydrark Pixrine and Phastix
Syräkkør's AvatarSyräkkør
Syräkkør's Avatar
Arceus, Kyogre, Zekrom, Kyurem, Landorus, Regular Maravol and Delta Maravol?
By Bakugo
Sherrice's AvatarSherrice
Sherrice's Avatar
Hello uwu may i grab these from you? It'll be..22 gp if i did my math correctly? one two three four five
Please visit my shop here!
WølfyBøy's AvatarWølfyBøy
WølfyBøy's Avatar
May I have the arceus in first field, and the Red backed maravol in the second? How much would the maravol be since he is a delta?
Check out my first and second fields for Exclusives, Legendaries, and much more for sale! I am also selling 3 egg passes!!! Pm to offer for them!!
Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
@woldo - so sorry i don't know if you meant one or more of each so i'm going to move on to the next person @Syrakkor - yes, that'll be 35gp and i'll send now @Sherrice - actually it's just 19gp if i figured it right, i'll send them! @Wolfy - sorry both of those were claimed ahead of you!
ØneFish's AvatarØneFish
ØneFish's Avatar
Hi, can I have 3 variants, 6 exclusives, 2 legendaries, 1 waggel, and 1 quetzephyr? I have no preferences!
Hi, I am OneFish but you can call me Coral. I am 7 hours behind server time! Go check out these people! My friend Taro, My friend Sage, My sister Kei, My friend Zace I am currently hunting: Horsea 9S/ 1A/ 0M Feel free to PM me about anything! Come join my Raffle! Avatar only for my use made by SagelyAdvice!
Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
you make my job easy! this will be 46gp and i'll send now

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