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Two Troublemakers And The Edgelord

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Warm sunlight pours from the sky as the hot Alolan sun sets behind it's endless blue seas. Children giggling and parents talking, Pokemon cheering and trainers battling, everything was just as peaceful on the outside as it could be. On the outside at least. Evening is always a peaceful time for the people of Alola, because they have unity and each other. But this teenage girl who steps off of the boat and onto the docks of Memele Island, has no peace or unity. She takes a deep breath as her feet thump agianst the wood of the docks, hands gripping the straps of her black backpack nervously. She'd remembered that Alola was a peaceful and accepting envoirment, so she decided to move there. Plus, she has a old childhood friend that lives here. She takes a deep breath and continues down the dock, the breeze blowing through her curly brown hair as her steel grey eyes scan the people who play on the beach and walk the streets curiously. The last time she stepped foot on this island was when she was ten, and now she is seventeen. She almost trips over a lazy Meowth that walks with it's little boy trainer, it hisses at her and she just rolls her eyes a bit at it, but the boy apologizes. "I am so sorry ma'am!" He sort of panics, "Meowth can be a little careless sometimes, we didn't mean you any harm." The bruenette girl laughs lightly and throws him a soft smile, "No big deal, it's fine." He breathes out a sigh of relief and grins at her, "Thanks!" He cheers and runs off with his Pokemon. She ends up shaking her head and cracking a smile, boy did she miss when she used to just roam the streets and bump into people with her best friend. She lived with some distant family here for a year or two, and that's when she met him. Hau. They met in the park, playing with wild Pokemon. He started talking to the shy girl and they became close, started playing and started getting into trouble together. They once found an old Madalassa and split it, making the both of their parents flip out because they had found it on a bench in the park. "That sounds good right now." She sighs to herself, "It's been a while, maybe I'll run into someone I know." She makes her way to the nearest Madalasa shop and takes a huge breath in through her nose, enjoying the scent as she opens the door. She steps in line and stands behind a tall, tan boy. His long greenish hair is pulled up into a ponytail. He wears a bright yellow tropical shirt, black shorts and sandles. "Hey!" He greets the woman at the counter, "Can I snatch one of those delishos looking sweet Madalasa's?" The woman smiles softly at the tall boy, then replied with something she wasn't expecting. "You sure can, Hau darling"- "Hau?!" She gasps from behind him and covers her mouth, hoping nobody heard her sudden outburst, she mumbles in a hushed tone. "You still love this things, huh?" Hau takes the food happily from the woman and walks towards an empty table, which means the stunned freckled girl was next in line. The older woman raises an eyebrow and asks in a soft voice, trying not to startle her. "Are you alright, sweetie?" She snaps out of the trance and blinks a couple times, "Um, yeah, erm," She looks at the smiling woman. "May I get a sour flavored one please?" "Of course, dear." The woman nods and takes a napkin, wrapping her order in it and sliding it across the counter. "It's on the house for new customers, so don't worry about paying." She chuckles softly and winks. The steel eyed girl grins back and bites into it, replying as she walked towards the tables. "Thank you very much." She swallows that bite and sees Hau, he's enjoying his Madalassa with his Alolan Raichu. Last she remembered it was just a tiny Pichu. She smiles and then gets extra nervous, wondering if he'd remember her or even want to see her again. Thinking about walking away her options were sealed when the Raichu dashes towards her, knocking her to the ground with nuzzles and kisses. At least she knew he remembered her. "Hey! Raichu!" Hau calls out, "Get off of her!" He comes up and shoos the Pokemon away, eyes widening when he see's the laughing girl on the floor. "Addie?" He gapes.
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