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A Lot of Legend Hunting Questions!

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I’m in the same boat as you, except I only want an Albino. 1.) I don’t know if any legendary buying groups, especially on discord. 2.) I buy them off the market (around 350-380k per fang) personally but I don’t have the ZC to buy them either, so you may have better luck in the trade forum. 3.) Focus on getting one for yourself first, and sell the spare Shinies/Albinos you get along the way. 4.) Lucky Eggs and maybe keeping a Suicune in your party. But buying Lucky Eggs can be costly. 5.) If you check out the trade shop forums, I’m sure you can find someone swapping or selling what you want and maybe you can talk to them about keeping them just for you. 6.) My counter haven’t done me any actual good, no one has messaged me to sell any. I don’t keep it in my shop but when I had a small note about it, it didn’t do any good either. Maybe if it was more noticeable, it might work? But personally it doesn’t bring in any trades.
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Honestly, I do believe that having the counters can assist in people coming to you with the summons. I collect four summons (three of them mostly now as I'm currently hunting Tapu Bulu) and I know a few people who PM me directly about summons I collect. Even with my count not immediately seen in my signature, it's pleasing enough that others look at that second tab as that's the only place I track my collections outside of the summons table I have in my journal. It's something to think about having, even if it's a simple "I collect ice fangs, PM if interested in selling." Throwing it in your trainer card, especially if you get rus, can help people become aware of you becoming a serious collector and aid in knowing others who collect. (I know for a couple summons, I'll go to a couple people to help out as many as I can.) Currently for Bulu, I actually can't click as much as I'd like to due to depression (yay no motivation as I'm just starting) and working almost daily. I do try to click at least 1k to keep that chain, but also more to keep my egg timer maxed when possible (which, correct me if I'm wrong, is 5k clicks a day). When I can, I'll click a rus host if I know I can handle being host next. Also, investing in lucky eggs or super lucky eggs is helpful for times you can sit and click for longer periods of time. I hear lucky eggs are more cost effective, but super lucky eggs actually hatch a couple parties, so just know the benefits of both. I keep a special Bulu in my party for the exp boost and hatch four eggs at a time (last slot has a Pokemon very very special to me and have moved from there for longer than a few minutes since he was placed there). Wishalloy is nice to have for when people click you, but if you plan to rely on your pen clicks only, it won't matter as much. It is nice to have the flawless gems that hatch with specials, to sell or create items with, so that could be a factor for it. Check the market often as well. Sometimes people throw items for the wrong price or undercut to sell quicker. Otherwise, I just say good luck. It's not easy but I do find it worthwhile. Wall of text, sorry, but I hope you can find use of my ramblings. Apologies for any misconceptions or grammar, communicating isn't too easy for me.
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Please be advised that off-site chats are not allowed to be advertised, either here on the forums or in PMs, as announced here. I haven't gone through all of the posts in this thread yet, but since the OP asked for it, I wanted to make sure this was out before anything else.
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nerdofnerds's Avatarnerdofnerds
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Oh, gosh! A lot happened while I was asleep and at work! First, rmcqu1-Thank you so much for the advice! Advertising in my signature, About, Trainer Card, and making temp. threads alongside a shop seems like it'll be a good solution, haha! You do raise a good point about the Melans! I happen to really like a wide variety of them, so it's likely that any excess Melans I hatch would wind up in my collection, rather than being sold. I hadn't thought about that yet, haha. Befriending other hunters and Summon swapping with those who need the Summons sounds like a good plan, really! I'm a bit of an anxious beast, but I need to remember that people won't be mad about being traded something they're collecting ^^ Thank you for your advice and input, it definitely helps!!! Secondly, Mouse 13-I made this thread because I've been wanting to do this hunt since the moment I joined the site and found the specials on the wiki! I've had a strong attachment to Suicune since I was small, and have been determined for years to hunt them in multiple games. I'm well aware of what I'm getting into, and I approach hunting from an angle that every special I hatch is a gift, rather than something earned, so frustration and disappointment should hopefully be a small issue ^^ And, again, I certainly appreciate the concern! However, you didn't answer any of the questions I had in my first post, and simply posted about how prohibitive this hunt will be, how much it will cost, and encouraged me to buy from others instead. Your posts came across dismissive and discouraging, especially with the context of, well, not answering any of my questions, in a thread I made specifically in the hopes people would answer my questions ^^;;; It also appears you came back specifically to argue, and while that may not have been your intention, it's unpleasant to check my thread that I'm excited about and see arguing about things I wasn't asking about in the first place ^^;;; Also...

QUOTE originally posted by Mouse 13

feels like accidentally throwing a money onto a bonfire.

QUOTE originally posted by Mouse 13

let me put it this way "oh playing with fire is fun" "I wouldn't recommend that, you could burn yourself" "wow you're so rude for pointing that out! they can do what they want and you shouldn't tell people what to do!" -.-
I'm afraid you misunderstand, Mouse. This is my dream hunt. Comparing something I've dreamt of having the ability to even contemplate starting, something I've had as my main goal of playing the game, something important to me due to my connection to the Pokemon, to something dangerous like "playing with fire" is...unpleasant, to say the least. I'm sorry if this comes across as rude, but I didn't want advice on whether or not to do the hunt; I wanted advice on how to do it. I am going to do the hunt regardless of advice I receive. Yet again, I appreciate your concerns, but they are misplaced here.

QUOTE originally posted by Mouse 13

but, you know, I'll stop trying to save people time, money and happiness. apparently it's rude to tell people that playing with fire is dangerous.
I'm aware this isn't the Suggestion forums, but I'd appreciate less sarcasm in my thread, alright? The previous quote was dripping with it, as well. Your sarcasm comes across simply as you being rude, and I just wanted advice as to preparing for this hunt. I'd hate to come across rude in return, but if you don't have any advice for the hunt besides "it'll cost a lot," I'd appreciate if you let the thread be ^^;;; Karakara-Thank you for your advice! I've been considering selling my spare specials of current hunts for Fangs, so your feedback is definitely helpful. While 1,500 is certainly a lot of Fangs, I agree that it is a decent goal! I'll likely set small goals for myself and scootch them up until I am comfortable with my hoard, but that can be my end goal ^^ And yes, I'm undergoing this hunt as a labor of love, not for profit! If I do hatch a Melanistic Suicune, I will cherish them dearly and it's highly likely I'll never trade them away, no matter the circumstances ^^ The Z-Crystals are something I had been kind of musing on, so thank you for your thoughts there! And it seems Wishalloy, SLE/LEs, Rus, and clicking until my fingers fall off are the best for exp, haha! Thank you as well for the feedback on Counters and trades via those! I'll keep the direct trade thing in mind ^^ Kaolin-Thank you! I've subscribed ^^ sauriel-(There Can Be Only One /joke) Jokes aside, it's nice to see another person seeking to hunt Suicune in here! Thank you for your feedback, and don't worry, I'm definitely planning to keep most of what I hatch ^^ I'm going to buy a lot of Water fields over the time I'm saving Summons in order to hold all of the normal Suicune I hatch, haha! Good luck on your search and your hunt, as well!! Erable-Thank you for your advice! I've seen you around a few times, but I don't think I've directly helped with your hunts, haha. I generally don't click all that much currently, so I definitely understand where you're coming from here! I tend to click in bursts, so perhaps I'll look at the Super Lucky Eggs a bit more than the plain ones. Good luck with your hunts! Eltafez-Whoops, I'm sorry about that! It slipped my mind as I made the post. I'll edit that out of the first post shortly. And that should be everyone! I'd still like feedback from others, particularly in regards to hunt length and such, but I definitely appreciate all of the feedback I've gotten so far! Thank you all again!
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nerdofnerds's Avatarnerdofnerds
nerdofnerds's Avatar
Bump! I would appreciate more advice, if anyone would like to help ^^
Captain's AvatarCaptain
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Hey there! I'm not sure exactly what has been said already in this thread, as I'm on mobile and only stopping for a moment, but I wanted to weigh in. I'm currently on my third melan legend hunt, and have at least three others planned for the future, so if you ever have questions/need some motivation/need help, my inbox is open! The main things I have noticed are helpful when melan hunting are (in no particular order): 1. Patience - From gathering Summons to the actual hunt itself, you'll need a lot of it! 2. Wishalloy/Lvl 10 Egg Timer- The extra EXP can make all the difference. 30k EHP eggs take about two days to hatch at level 1 Egg Timer. Shrink that time down to about 11 hours by maxing out your Egg Timer and having Wishalloy. 3. Super Lucky Eggs - I prefer these over regular Lucky Eggs, but it depends on how much clicking you can do/how much time you have to give. I can max out a SLE in about 15 minutes, and that gets you about a party and a half hatched (of 30K EHP Eggs). On a Niet Day, a little over two parties is what I find hatchable. 4. Rus hunting - You'll benefit from both gathering buckets of IP for your albino Radar and the possibility of catching Rus! (When I have Rus, I try to mass click everyone who is clicking me) 5. Funds - Depending on how many Summons you collect before starting the hunt, you'll probably need funds to help it keep going. SLE do get expensive... You've also got to maintain HM, Shiny Charms, and Ubercharms. XD One thing I like to remember is, if your Summon starts to become inflated in the Market, you want to have enough of a buffer in your hoard to wait out the inflation so you aren't paying out the nose. (In some cases, it may be cheaper to go through the Supplier than buy Summons from the Market!) 6. Z-Crystals - I like them. I stored up a ton for my current hunt. On the other hand, it's totally possible to hatch a melan legend without one. That's all I have time for right now, but I hope it helps! Again, you're always welcome to PM.

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