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NECROZMA (A Sun/Moon Gijinka RP)

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"Alrighty then.." He shrugs as they went to the place where the Luau was going to commence. It took them a decent amount of time, as not only was Nosey stone hard heavy, they were a bit tad lost despite following the main directions. Finally, after seemingly an enourmous amount of time wasted, they have reached their destination. "And look at that, we're just on time." Simon panted as he placed Nosey down to the ground with a silent thud.
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Making sure to avoid getting her new clothes dirty, Ceru headed towards the luau. She checked her pokétch, and was startled at how little time remained before the luau would start. 'Clothes shopping took up a lot of time...' she thought, thinking back to the stores full of colourful floral outfits, and how difficult it was trying to find an outfit that wasn't too bright nor too impractical. The blue haired trainer ended up finding something that was dark blue with white flowers that resembled a jumpsuit, except instead of pants at the bottom, it was shorts. The outfit was surprisingly comfortable. Reaching the outskirts of the luau, she stopped and stared at the other people that were already there. They looked like they were enjoying themselves, just talking and laughing... Ceru told herself that in order for her to make friends, she has to talk to other people. But... She didn't have to do it alone. Taking out a pokéball, Ceru pressed the release button. "Fros!" Eir, her froslass appeared in front of her. The blue haired trainer thought that her other pokémon would probably be too large to take out, so Eir it was. "Hey, Eir. You up for accompanying me as I try to talk to some people?" she said softly to the ice and ghost type, patting her on the head. "Fros, froslass!" the pokémon spun in a circle around her, looking quite cheered. Ceru smiled, and started heading into the center of the luau.
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(okay so uh, going to reply since it’s been a month without any replies and trying to maintain the rp’s activity and to steer it away from being deleted oof) “Oh hey! Nice jumpsuit you got.” A pudgy teen with a dryed out flora polo shirt scuttles towards the blue haired lady. The lua was getting somber, maybe a few more interactions wouldn’t hurt? Peeking along was Trico, marveled by the elegant stature of the Ice type pokemon. Jaws agaped when she peered closer for a better look. As a matter of fact, it was Trico who went ahead. Paws crunched the dry leaves scattered in the ground. Simon realized shortly that Trico was close by the women in a darkblue jumpsuit. “Ack, Shoot.” Stares ran to his wavering pokemon. ”Dangit.. be right back.” Groans came out instantly from his mouth. And here we are to the present, him standing off an akward situation! He nudged his pokemon to come back to him while chuckling nervously. “Woah uh, she sure does like your pokemon..hehe.” Eyes parted ways from the blue girl. Trico the Manetric grumbles back to her owner. She wants to see more of this new.. species.
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(bumpp :0 also noticed that the original rp got deleted :000)
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The group, including the Pokemon, were welcomed to the luau with leis draped around their necks by Comfeys, which was a little creepy considering they were sentient leis and all. Walking in further, there were scattered people talking amongst themselves. An expansive table of traditional food was laid out just before the raised platform in the middle of town, with many chairs around it, enough for all the guests in attendance. It was traditional to have a meal with the new Kahuna after the ceremony. Hau clasped his hands together. "Please, make yourself at home. I gotta check up on my 'ol grandpappy." He grinned, then ran off. "He's always in a hurry, isn't he, love?" Cass gave Nico a faint smile. "You'll be okay?" She asked, squeezing his hand tight, knowing he didn't care much for crowds.
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The blonde Unovan arrived at the luao, her previous outfit having been changed into something more suitable for the Alola region's weather. She still had her Joltik out with her, but she now had a Torracat at her side as well. She quietly eyed everyone else there and tried to find somewhere to mingle, tugging at the bottom of her shirt somewhat nervously. She wasn't shy, but she wasn't quite accustomed to Alola's little customs quite yet and didn't want to mess up anything...
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Daniel looked around as he walked into the luau. This was the first one he ever went to so it was new for him. He was rather creeped out by the fact that he was wearing an actual Pokémon but did his best to hide it as he looked around, not entirely sure what to do. He eventually let Jolt out of her ball, the Garvantula letting out a happy noise when he did. However, due to the crowd, she stuck close to her trainer as to not get lost or stepped on.
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Simon jolted back to his awareness as a living, sentinent, pokemon decides to lay upon his shoulders and neck. “Ack! Wha-“ He looks around to find the culprit, yet all he found was the pokemon now in rest. “Guess this is how they do things here huh..” Squinted eyes rummaged around the room. More people seemed to have arrived, a whole pack of them. ”Now this is interesting.” He says to himself. His two pokemons cuddled more closely to him, with Trico playfully touching the comfey. “Hey stop that!“ The pudgy man silently gestures the Manetric to stop and tries to shoo her, causing him to look very funny. His nosepass just giggles in crunching noises, pointing at her trainer.
The Zorua's eyes widened in surprise as she noticed that Cass, Nico and everyone were there. She instinctively hid in a near by bush, trying her best to make as little noise as possible. She looked through the leaves of the bush. She was aware that she could go meet up with them but she decided against it our of shame.
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