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NECROZMA (A Sun/Moon Gijinka RP)

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Nico smiled softly, seeing all his friends so happy. They deserved it after the events of last year. Still, he wished there was less people here. He felt boxed in from all directions. Emarose gave a loud, ringing squawk from where he had been petting her, smooting her head feathers down. He looked down at his Pidgeot’s head, now on his lap, and knew what to do. As if reading his mind, Emarosa straightened and spread her wings. “Cass, would you like to fly to the Luau?”
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The blonde sighed and shook her head, startling the bug type mounted on her head awake. The Joltik leapt down onto the girl's shoulder as she walked to the Luao. Neither of them had anything better to do so they might as well go. "Sorry about that Lectric." The girl said calmly to her Pokemon, "Didn't mean to scare you like that...."
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"I would love to, Nico." Cass replied with a smile, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Alright, all of you, back in your Pokeballs. I promise the wait won't be long." Her Pokemon gave dejected cries, but reluctantly returned at Cass' call. She clipped them back on her belt. "Hau can show you all to the luau. It can't start without their guest of honor, after all." "R-right! I'm gonna be late!" Hau exclaimed. "Come on, everyone. I'll show you the way!"
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Faolan let out a cry when Silver returned into her Pokeball. Dan sighed, "Come on Faolan, let's head to the luau. You can be with Silver again there." Faolan nodded and trotted alongside Dan as he and Kamui began walking to where the luau was being he had saw it being set up as he walked to Cass' house.
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”Well diversity is a gift, and your’s pretty interesting to be honest with you.” Nosey sort of implants herself to the ground as she was tired from running along all day. Simon sighs and goes towards her. “Found all of them during my days in Honen, they may not look that different from the others, but their special enough for me...” He softly smiles at his Nosey and Trico until the mawile presses the feebas to release a spray of water. ”Annd especially you two...” He rolls his eyes at his now again drenched tshirt while his two trickster pokemons are snikering around. He lifts Nosey up heavily and check his phone. “Oh, looks like it’s going to start in a few more minutes. Wanna go there now, or you got some other buisness to do?” He asked Kiran and made sure Wile.14 and zbass were in their pokeballs, taking a glipse at his pokebelt. Trico tagged along behind since she hadn’t have that much room to roam ecer since they booked a one week ride on the ferry.
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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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A bit overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of more people, the luau starting, and y'know shiny Pokémon and stuff, Ophie politely lingered in the back, considering repeating her request for a phone but deciding against it. After all.. it couldn't hurt too much, right? She kept to herself, noticing that Kickee had gotten much too overwhelmed and had returned himself inside of his Pokéball, still keeping watch from her hip. Tuffy and Bluey were still following Ophie, Tuffy at her heels and Bluey on her shoulder. "Yeah.. this is gonna be OK!" Ophie thought, cracking a small smile in an attempt to brighten her mood. Plus, Hau was someone she'd like to know better.
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
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With the press of a few buttons, Petal released her other three Pokemon to socialize. In three similar flashes of light, a Kirlia, Gallade, and Banette appeared. The Kirlia was shiny, and wore a small necklace with a blue pendant. Being a female, she didn't have to worry about accidental evolution from the fragment of Dawn Stone. She stood at a tiny 2'7". The Gallade stood protectively over the smaller Pokemon, at a respectable 5'3". This was the Kirlia's father. The Banette made it a foot higher than the Kirlia, falling near the middle at 3'7". She looked to be very clean and in good condition, unlike most of her species. If asked, she would say she stuck around not out of grief or revenge, but out of a strong connection to her owner. This was the Kirlia's mother. The shiny Kirlia immediately lifted her head, turning in the direction of an isolated Trainer. "Kiri riuu?" With a blink of her large orange eyes, she teleported a few feet to the side of them. Her teleportation was not quite perfected yet, and she sometimes fell over after an awkward landing. This was, fortunately, not one of those times. "Kiru lia!" She wondered why this Trainer wasn't with the others. Petal had said there was a party! She looked up, trying to get their attention. Before she could do something awkward like tug on their shirt, she felt a hand holding her back. [Serenity. Would you please consult me or your mother before running off to meet other Trainers? It's best if we know where you are.] This telepathy could be heard as if spoken out loud, audible to those nearby.
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Distracted by her pokemon, Lilo didn't notice the new arrival right away. By the time she stopped fussing with Kina's outfit, which he had tried to eat, Hau had arrived and everyone was leaving. Picking up angry little Kina, and calling to Aurum, she ran out the door. "W-wait up everyone!" She called. Aurum nudged Lilo, and the young girl hopped onto her pokemon friend's back. Quick little Kina followed behind, happier on the ground then in Lilo's arms. Aurum slowed down as they reached Dan and his pokemon. "You want to rae, huh?" She joked, smiling at her friend. "I'm excited for this luau! Aurum and Kina seem happy to go. I wonder how many new pokemon will be there? That shiny latias was quite a surprise too!"
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On the outskirts of the Luau grounds stood a small zorua, eyes trained on her surroundings. She carefully moved as to not make any disturbances. She stood, watching as people began to arrive at the Luau grounds. Waiting for the perfect opening, she continued to observe those around her.
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"I think I'm ready to go. I didn't have much to do anyways." Kiran says in response to the trainer. He takes two of his pokeballs and almost considered letting two of his pokemon retreat. He decided not to and put them away. He then picked up the Riolu so he could carry her. Silfie tired herself out while playing with the Nosepass so she just kind of dozed off after Kiran picked her up.
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