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NECROZMA (A Sun/Moon Gijinka RP)

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KitKatKutie2's AvatarKitKatKutie2
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--SETUP IS HERE-- Cassiopeia squinted up at the merciless Alola sunshine as she wiped her brow clear of sweat while she weeded the garden in front of the small house which was now shared between herself and Nico. The skies were a clear, ocean blue, not a cloud in sight. It reminded her of Nico's eyes. He was working today. It was days like these which made Cass almost miss the feeling of flying, and the adventures which came with being fused. This thought brought Cass' attention to an approaching familiar figure. "Hau!" Cass exclaimed, standing to greet him. "How's the Kahuna-in-training? Haven't seen you in a while." She gave him a bright smile. "Alola, Cassie!" Hau grinned back. "I actually came to invite you and Nico to the Luau tonight in town. You see, I've been appointed by Tapu Koko as Island Kahuna!" He stood with his hands on his hips in a way reminiscent of his grandfather. "Wow, Hau! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!" Cass grabbed Hau's hands and gave them a brief squeeze. "You can count on Nico and I to be there. What about the others?" "I'm going to see them and invite them now, so I've ought to be off. But I'll see you tonight, hey hey!" Hau gave her one last hearty smile, then ran off. "How exciting! A luau to celebrate Hau. I could use some excitement." Cass thought, as she began to work again, patiently awaiting Nico's return home. "Hau will probably be headed to see him next."
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Kiuryos looked up to the moments of the sun and moon there at the temple of the Sun. It took a lot of effort, outwitting, and battling, but he finally made it. In his hand, the Sun Flute almost sparkled in the light. He decided he would play the flute after a nice nap to rest himself after those battles and puzzles.
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KitKatKutie2's AvatarKitKatKutie2
KitKatKutie2's Avatar
((Just letting you know, N currently has the Sun Flute and in this RP our main characters don't have the opportunity to catch Solgaleo or Lunala. But it will be in the plot later. If you want to make it the Lunar Flute, I could easily integrate you into the plot!!))
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Dan sighed as he walked towards Cass' place from the opposite direction that Hau left there in, unaware that he was just missing the young man. It had been a while since he had seen his childhood friend and felt that now was the best time being he had pretty much finished his Island Challenge and it would be nice to show her some of his new Pokemon he had gotten her since the last time he saw her. And if they had a friendly battle, it'd be a bonus. Of course, it'd also be the first time she saw him with his hair dyed white with pink tips.
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KitKatKutie2's AvatarKitKatKutie2
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Cass was just packing up her work as Dan approached her house. When she heard the footsteps approaching her porch from behind, she was startled to see the young man. "Oh! Dan!" Of course she still recognized her childhood friend. She placed her things down and went to embrace him. "It's good to see you! How have you been? You changed your hair!" She exclaimed excitedly once she had released him from the hug.
Nyan-Cat12's AvatarNyan-Cat12
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Like many others on that hot Alola day, Lilo was hard at work. The young girl had been sent home to relax, but in her current state, relaxation was far, far away. She had just came home to a huge mess in her treehouse, dirty pawprints barely visible under the mess of books, notes and food crumbs laying in a scattered pile. "Everyone stop!! What is going on here??!" She exclaimed, her voice halting her shiny jolteon, Kina, and his 'attacker' a small wurmple. Kina angrily spat at the wurmple, before jumping away to a tall stack of books. She quickly picked up the wurmple, and set it outside of her treehouse, hoping for it to stay away for good. The girl spotted her luxray, Aurum, sitting nearby, licking her lips greedily. Clearly, this was her food stealer. Too tired to deal with this mess, she called to her luxray, and climbed down the treehouse rope, while her pokemon friend gracefully jumped down after her. Hopping onto her pokemon friend's back, she glanced back the the mess of a home, and walked away from it all for today. She'd deal with it later. Her luxray took her down a familiar road. She pondered why for a moment, before remembering. This was Cass' street!! ((OOC: I won't be able to respond anymore for a while, sorry!)
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ZeroX-treme's AvatarZeroX-treme
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Dan smiled, "It's good to see you too Cass. And I've been good! Caught a few new Pokemon if you'd like to see them." He then messed with his hair, "As for this.... I figured I'd change it up. Mom wasn't too thrilled about it but she did say it was a good look for me."
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Ophie stepped off the ferry, her cheeks red from the heat and her excitement. She was really glad that it was the time of year she got to see her dad at, because for one it was her dad, she didn't have to train her mons endlessly, and she actually looked like a native here in Alola. As Ophie though these things, she finished walking through the other tourists and natives to get off the pier the ferry had docked at. As she exited the crowd, she felt her bag shake. Looking down, she saw that her Pokémon were looking at her in anticipation of being let out. Laughing a little, Ophie let each one out one at a time. Kickee, Tuffy, and Bluey. Bluey lerched in her shoulder while Kickee lingered close to her for protection. Tuffy was running around in glee, causing the others to have to chase her. "Tuffy!! Slow down, last time you did this you nearly ran off a cliff!!" Ophie shouted, causing Tuffy to slow down but not stop. Sighing, the girl continued her chase. ((I'm taking an educated guess that everyone is currently on Melemele Island, so I guess that's where Ophie is positioned currently))
KitKatKutie2's AvatarKitKatKutie2
KitKatKutie2's Avatar
((Yep, pretty sure most of us are on Melemele right now! ^^)) "C'mon in, Dan, it's hot outside." Cass wiped the sweat from her brow once more, then said, "We can talk more once we're in the cool. Certainly you'd like something to drink!" She opened the door to welcome him in, and she was greeted by a tackling from her Rockruff, Callen, who licked her face eagerly. "C-Callen!" She laughed, trying to push the Pokemon off of her. "C'mon Callen, you know I'm t-ticklish, and we h-have company!" She said between fits of giggles. "Breeeeon." Silver purred in an almost condescending matter from behind Callen, whose ears dropped as she climbed off of Cass. Callen's attention was now on Dan, tail wagging. "Sorry about that, Dan." Cass smiled sheepishly, closing the door behind him as he entered.
Enasencca's AvatarEnasencca
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"Cass?" Nico called. The curly haired medic had just landed on the front porch, perched on Emarosa's back. The pidgeot had been rather... clingy, recently, insisting on always taking him everywhere and dogging his every step. Not that he could blame her much, after all the, er, excitement they've had. He understood her need for reassurance, even if it did sometimes make things harder. It was the same way with Perona, but the Audino was more subtle about her own fears. "I'm back...!" The house that belonged to the both of them seemed to smile in response to his words, and Nico gave a soft smile himself. He was living with Cass- sometimes that almost seemed too good to be true. Of course, they weren't always together; Cass had gone on training journeys before, and he himself often left to make his rounds as a traveling medic, not to mention occasionally visiting the other former gijinkas. Though recently, he had been considering taking up a job offer in a nearby hospital as a resident doctor. It would let him settle down...
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