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Apotheosis (RP)

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SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Dewdrop let out a startled yelp as she turned from a piplup to a young, ten year old girl. She looked horrified. Dewdrop tried to stand, and was struggling with shaky legs. She promptly fell off the table in a heap of blue, letting out another yelp. "Eeeeeeeeep!" She cried out, stumbling to her feet, clutching onto the edge of the table for dear life. Her legs shook, unused to the length, and the weight of her new body. Kareena just looked down in horror at her new body, turning around her short claws and tail. "What?????" She dipped her head to slide her Patron onto the table. Thankfully, she retained her bipedal stance, and her only problem now was.. well, a lot of things. She was a breloom!?
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
milove's Avatarmilove
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"O-Oh dear.." Quill looked down at himself. Human, huh? Oh well, he wasn't going to fail the first task he had been given! He had to prove that he was worthy of being chosen! "Um.. let's see.. being a human isn't that different from being a Spinda.. Just gotta step one.. two.. eep!" As soon as he began moving, he realized he didn't twirl and spin around like he did when he was a Pokemon and overstepped, tripping over his own feet.
Enasencca's AvatarEnasencca
Enasencca's Avatar
A shocked, drawn out gasp that tapered into a wheeze was the only thing that left Nico’s mouth as he hunched over, feeling himself change. It was a completely painless process, but that didn’t make the experience any more pleasant. He could feel his bones shrinking and knitting together, lighter, his head swirling. He tried to speak, but what came out of his mouth was a wheeze. He was on his hands and his knees now and heard his joints pop, his body squeezing into itself. It felt like he was trying to fit into a suit three times too small- he curled into himself as he felt leaves and vines burst from his skin, his skin hardening and knitting together to become scales. When Nico opened his eyes, he wasn’t a human anymore; rather, he was a Servine. “What.” He said flatly, an almost hysterical undercurrent to his voice.
Avatar and Sigature free to use, taken from GalladeRox's thread! Go check them out!
WaterWølf600's AvatarWaterWølf600
WaterWølf600's Avatar
Nyx didn't feel too miffed by the 'challenge' at first. She had, a couple of times, changed into her human form before, but that had been a long, long while ago. After so long, it felt a little strange. Wriggling her fingers, she brought them up to her face, looking at them. Nyx took a hesitant step forwards. Well, it was more like she tried to take a step forwards. The legs were still a bit unfamiliar and she nearly fell forwards on her face. With a small yelp, Nyx quickly steadied herself once more. Is this completely necessary?
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Pages: 123··· 91011

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