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Apotheosis (RP)

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Set-up thread is Here. With a deep breath, you turn and go through the gate. You stumble as you exit, momentarily blindsided as you turn to look at your surroundings. You are in a large, elegant hall made out of polished marble that seems to gleam and glow where you step. You see several wide pillars, each one as thick and wide as a tree trunk, extend far up into the air. Seemingly forever, you notice, as there is no ceiling; there's only a wide expanse of stars underneath the moon. You step a bit uncomfortably off of the polished marble floor onto a soft red carpet, which leads you deeper into the hall. You can't help but stare in awe at the massive scope and beautiful appearance of this place. A bit too soon for your liking, you step through another door and into an open ballroom. A brilliant chandelier is hanging from the ceiling, and you can see several pillars lining the room. Astonishingly, you notice every single Legendary from Kanto to Alola in attendance--And that the room is large enough to hold them all. A small, pink figure that you recognize as Mew floats up to you and hovers around your eye level. "Welcome," the Mew says. "I am Animus, mother of all life and Mew of the Council of Legends. We have been expecting you." You open your mouth to reply, but nothing comes out. Animus nods, and gestures to a dining table. "Please, take a seat. I will direct your patron to you, and you can formally meet. There are other Chosen coming, as well. I will be explaining the nature of your quests once enough Chosen are seated. Feel free to mingle until then." With a nod, Animus flies to the next person behind you, who you hadn't noticed. With little choice, you take a seat at the table and wait.
Heather blinked. "Um, miss Animus?" she asked. The Mew turned to look at her. "What is it?" Heather opened her mouth, then stuttered and cleared her throat. "Um... What Legend is my patron? I don't think you ever said that..." Animus gave a bit of a chuckle. "You'll see that when you meet her. All in due time. You're the first one here, so just wait. The others will be here soon, and I will allow you time to mingle." With a slow nod, Heather took a seat at the table.
Rosalina... No, Stellaluna blinked at the great ballroom. It was so... Majestic! And oveerwhelming! The scope of everything was so much bigger than Stellaluna ha expected, even with her previous experience with the Council! Animus noticed Stella's confusion. "Ah, Stellaluna," she said. "Our special case." Stellaluna tilted her head a bit. "Special case?" With a nod, Animus began an explanation. "Unlike the others, you have experience with your patron. Because of this, your tasks will be slightly different than the others, to compensate." Stellaluna didn't understand most of that, but she gave a gasp at the end. "Oh! Dreamcatcher is here?" She turned to the group of Legends, trying to search for the Lunala. Animus gave a low chuckle. "You'll meet her in time. For now, take a seat. The others will be here soon, and you'll be able to mingle." Stellaluna bit her lip, and nodded. She was anxious to see Dreamcatcher again, but this small pink cat thing seemed important. She decided to listen to her, and took a seat across from the table from the only other girl there.
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//aha, first comment :D Quill looked around at the giant ballroom with wide eyes, stopping himself from reaching out and touching the decorations. This place looked so formal, and here he was, just in the best hoodie he could find and the only pair of jeans he owned, not to mention the childish racecars bandaids on his face that he had put on right before coming here. He hoped he looked at least a bit presentable, and that other people didn't show up in tuxedos and fancy dresses and single him out. He was so lost in the beauty of this place that he almost didn't hear Animus speaking, but he quickly snapped back to reality just in time to hear "patron" and "take a seat" so he excused himself and went to go sit down. He got a fluttery feeling when he saw how many seats there were, and figured it would be best to just sit down in a random chair and wait to see if anybody would talk to him.
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Cross's claws curled and uncurled at his feet as he took a slow, calm look around, not with his head, but with his eyes. They searched the room, taking apart and putting back together the puzzle of his current situation. His moving gaze paused, for a moment, on the other Chosen before they resumed their observation of the ballroom. He nodded, silent and calm even as the Council stood in front of him, and slowly, he walked forward to take a seat, close, but not too close, to the other Chosen already seated there.
Barayas stared, unblinking, at Animus. Their smile stretched wider, and it seemed as if the zipper that kept it closed might be pulled apart. But they unzipped it before it could, and with a cheerful, lilting voice, they spoke. "O~kay!" They walked towards the table with their mouth still hanging open, and with a grunt, they hopped up to sit on, rather than at, the table in front of the other Chosen. "Hi!" They were speaking to no one in particular, but their eyes shifted to look at everyone, one person at a time.
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Aberthol quietly took a seat, but his eyes were darting around the room excitedly. He couldn't believe that he was one of the chosen! He didn't really understand why he of all people was chosen, but he didn't really care. He looked around the area, trying to decide who to socialize with. Horace, meanwhile seemed to be nervous. Was he hallucinating? Was that his brother? Why was he here? The boy would think about that later. Right now he'd be wondering what legendary chose him....
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"Uh.. hello!!" Quill greeted the Bannette with a happy, positive smile, trying to make the most of this nerve-racking situation. Maybe if he struck up a conversation, he wouldn't be so nervous about meeting all these legendary Pokemon and their Chosens.
WaterWølf600's AvatarWaterWølf600
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To say the least, Nyx was feeling slightly overwhelmed. In a room with many other pokemon and every single Legendary she could think of, it was certainly a situation in which she hadn't found herself in. The Zorua decided to follow as the Mew instructed and made her way to the table. Some seats were already occupied, while most others were empty. Nyx chose to make her way towards the end of the table, placing herself into the seat. Her eyes darted around at the non-Legends in the room, attempting to remember details of each that would possibly aid her in telling them all apart.
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Barayas tilted their head; their eyes shifted to stare at Quill. "So, what's your deal?" Their voice never lost that cheerful, lilting tone, even as they continued. "You look like you walked into a rainbow. What are you, five?" They reached out to poke at one of the band-aids on Quill's face. "You look suuuper cute, though. Y'know. Like a little kid. Kyahahahaha!"
A bit hesitantly, Cross looked around at the Chosen who had just sat down. He gave them a careful greeting nod, but his face remained blank and flat. If anyone decided to talk to him, he wouldn't mind answering, but... well. He wouldn't go out of his way to start a conversation. ((i'm very, very sorry that barayas is Like That. if anyone would like me to tone it down a little bit with them, just let me know and i can do it))
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Rae stands in the hallway for a little too long, examining the grand walk path and the stars. She grew up nicely, but this.. it's gorgeous. Luxurious. She's not sure what to make of it. The ballroom is even more grand, the sheer state of it making her feel small. Hands stuffed in her jacket pockets, she listens to the speech and watches the legendaries. Some creatures she hadn't even believed existed stood before her. Though Rae could never be described a shy person, it's a lot to take in-- she opts to set confidence in her expression and take the nearest seat and eye the other Chosen with interest.
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
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Kareena looked around the strange place, immense confusion on her face. "What in the distortion world..?" She slowly sat up, looking around. "Okay, did I die or something?" She chuckled at the morbid half-joke, though she was concerned she may have actually died. That's lovely. She found her way over to a further corner, better set to just watch everything happen rather than partake in the chaos. This is insane. I'm dead. How, though? Did I hit my head or something? Man. That sucks. She fiddled with the laces on her shoes, which she found kinda funny. The first thing she did at her supposed death was sit in a corner and play with her shoes. This was all so absolutely surreal.
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A slim young adult is seen wandering around with Jirachi, his so called 'patron.' Eyes scurry everywhere. An elegant hall furnished with marble pillars all surround him. Bewilderment rose as he stared at the pitch dark sky filtered with stars. "This is dream, just a dream." He places a hand in his sweaty forehead. Exparated breathing can be slightly heard. "Hey Ford! Come follow me." Jirachi said loudly to him. "He-hey wait up!" Ford shouted and ran towards the way Jirachi went. He clumsily stumbled upon the ballroom, bumping a few pillars to keep up the pace. when he finbaly got a hold of his paterons' ribbons, Jirachi suddenly dissapears into the air. It was a hologram! How come he didn't see that? Maybe it was due to his blurry vision? He was visibly panting, arms in his legs as he tries to catch his breath. Someone greeted him. He took a gaze upwards to the... pink cat? He adjusted his eyes to see the situation more. The ballroom was filled with mythical creatures! His eyes were wide open, how can these be real? He didn't hear what Aminus said. This was too overwhelming for him. After all he lived in a world where these only exist in magazines and digital screens. It took him awhile to get back to his senses. Aminus was waving in front of his face. "Ah, I apologize, but what did you say? I'm just shocked by the... extravagant architecture?" He nervously chuckle. After being introduced, again, He takes a seat right next to huddled group in the dinner table. "Er, heya there." He greets both human and... pokemon. "How you all feeling?" He asked them all, trying to ease the akwardness
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