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Black Wolf

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This story begins with two people. A boy and a girl. And a lesson. Because in the darkest nights Look for stars And in the rain Look for rainbows.

Chapter One

Students filled the school yard, meeting with friends, after the long spring break. It was an amazing day; warm, sunny, but with a cool breeze blowing through everyone's hair. A girl sat alone, leaning against a wall. Her hair was covered by a black hoodie that matched her skirt and leggings. Her eyes were a striking lime green, with specks of gold. Her skin was only slightly tanned. She knew she wasn't all to herself; the expecting gazes of her classmates thinking they were out of sight poked at her, slightly annoying her, but mostly, she was enjoying the amazing weather. Suddenly, a girl with light brown and white-feathered wings and amber eyes, wearing a white shirt and yellow leggings landed next to her. "Yo, K! Back to 'no, I'm not gonna overheat' again?" The girl in black laughed. "Gale! I'm just human, not Avian! You're an owl, I should be asking you that!" "Go ask ALASKA that! She's the snowy owl! I'm a horned owl." "Whatever! Get your feathers together! We're gonna be late!"

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