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Trading GP for Shinies I Don't Have

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PrinceLemmy's AvatarPrinceLemmy
PrinceLemmy's Avatar
I have 2444 . Too much, so i need to buy shinies. Please look at my shiny fields before offering as I'm not really looking for duplicates I'll even link my fields to you LOOK.
çãñtrül's Avatarçãñtrül
çãñtrül's Avatar
Interested in a shiny delta at all?
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WolfishMagic's AvatarWolfishMagic
WolfishMagic's Avatar
I have 10 shiny Eevees I sell for 120GP if any of her 9 eevolutions interest you?
CaptainTwiggy's AvatarCaptainTwiggy
CaptainTwiggy's Avatar
I’ve got a lot of shiny Porygon and Shinx in my first field if you’re interested!
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Senpai's AvatarSenpai
Senpai's Avatar
howdy! ive got 2 shiny nosepass, 3 shiny joltik, a male shiny combee, and a male albino combee for sale if youre interested. the nosepass and joltik are 80 gp each, while the shiny combee is 40 gp and the albino combee is 100 gp.
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DragoScarlet's AvatarDragoScarlet
DragoScarlet's Avatar
I have 2 shiny drowzees UFT for 100GP each if you're interested.^^
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amzdragon's Avataramzdragon
amzdragon's Avatar
I have shiny bulbasaurs (100gp/100kCR/20ZC) and Farfetch'd (75gp/75kCR/15ZC).
nerdofnerds's Avatarnerdofnerds
nerdofnerds's Avatar
Hello! I have loads of shiny and albino Igglybuff! Most of my stock can be found in my Buffs UFT fields if you'd like to look ^^ I'm pricing my shinies at 75 gp and my albinos at 150 gp apiece!
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Ninetails's AvatarNinetails
Ninetails's Avatar
hello! Ive got a few shiny gothitas if you’re interested? (both male and female) for 100gp each Edit: I’m sorry I see you already have one! I couldn’t see on my phone very well my apologies!
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I have plenty of Shiny charmander if you still need them? (i looked at your fields but i might have glossed over them by accident) i could supply enough for charmander - both Megas. they are 70gp each

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