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Children Of Heroes (Pokemon rp signup! (Open!)

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It's been years since Team Gemstone settled down in this forest, many foes have been taken down and friends have come and gone. Sadly, these proud heroes have battled foes too strong for them and have lost their lives, leaving only their children to carry on their legacy. Theseare their stories. You really don't need any prior knowledge of Burning In The Darkness (the prequel of this), but simply Team Gemstone was the exploration team of the Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky timeline but if the Pokemon from the past didn't dissapear due to having a greater destiny. They travel into a forest and live out their lives finding this destiny. Since it's implied that your character's parents joined, the prequel doesn't really matter. Your character can be normal or a wild hybrid if you wish.


Name: Gender: Sexuality(Optional): Alignment(TG, Kingdom, Villains(Solo or Team), or Human-turned-Pokemon): Appearance: Personality: Backstory(Optional):


1. Don't be mean to other people. Please. 2. The line here is pretty thin, but don't godmod or be too OP. If you're character has a really strong power, have some limitations or consequences. 3. No 18+ scenes. Gore is okay but only if everyone is okay with gore. 4. Try not to type OOC too much. If you want to talk or plan with each other or with me, do it in DMs or somewhere else. 5. No limitations on characters and be as weird as you want with types and powers and hybrids. I don't personally care. We had a Raichu with portals and an Umbreon with a giant alternate form and a Delcatty who could float Go crazy but keep limitations. 6. Have fun!! I love making new rp friends and an normal boring rp is no fun.
Team Gemstone (usually called TG): Orchid- F Tilly- F Etoile- M Kingdoms: (there are several kingdoms around the forest, you can have this character be an ally or eventually join TG) Klere- F Sage- M Villains (can either be alone of in a team, I'll specify here with gender) Toxic- F (Solo) Cache- M (Team Illusion) Human-turned-Pokemon (one of TG's members had a power to transfer humans into the Pokemon world. One of her children recieved this power but doesn't have control over it, so they are popping up quite common now)
This was a picture of my OC drawn by my good friend Nintendo Fan!
Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
Rubyblaze22's Avatar
Name: Orchid Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Alignment: Team Gemstone Appearance: A purple Vulpix. Personality: She is clever and very curious. Will usually take impromtu trips and leave the leadership to someone else while she is out. Will usually come back with a new companion as she is very friendly. Can be sassy if she desires. Backstory: Her mother was the first leader of Team Gemstone. Her father and two mothers went to go Darkrai and never returned. She was the proclaimed leader of TG since then and struggles to live up to her mother's legacy. Name: Tilly Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Alignment: Team Gemstone Appearance: A fluffier Riolu with a Fenniken Color scheme. Personality: Tilly is very friendly and kind, loves going on adventures and having fun. She's ambitous but also has a cautious side her her when it comes to her companions. Backstory: Her mother was a reformed villain and her father the right hand of TG. She has characteristics of both parents, despite barely knowing her father before he died, and her mother leaving shortly after out of grief. Name: Etoile Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Alignment: Team Gemstone Appearance: A fusion between an Alolan Raichu and a Jirachi. Mostly looks like a Jirachi but with a connected tail similar to an Alolan Raichu. Personality: Etoile is soft-spoken, but curious. Loves to ask questions. Backstory: Is still very young, but his two mothers were an Alolan Raichu with portal and dimension transfer powers and a Jirachi. The Jirachi used one of her wishes to make them a child and went off to sleep for a thousand years. His remaining mother went on a journey and had not returned. He has both of his mothers' powers, except he has unlimited wishes and does not sleep after they are fulfilled. He doesn't have control over either of his powers yet. Name: Klere Gender: Female Sexuality: Homosexual Alignment: Thorn Kingdom (eventually TG) Appearance: Klere is a Shinx colored Zorua Personality: Klere is calm, yet snarky. She's levelheaded but if you touch her brother or friends, you're going to get it. Backstory: Her father is the king, but the kingdom is on the state of collasping due to attacks from Toxic, who seems to have a grudge against him. Name: Sage Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Alignment: Thorn Kingdom (eventually TG) Appearance: A shiny Shinx. Personality: Pretty much any feisty little brother all combined in one. Backstory: Same as Klere, his sister. Name: Toxic Gender: Female Alignment: Solo Villain Appearance: A hiny Espeon Personality: Crazed, obssessed with the king of the Thorn Kingdom. Name: Cache Gender: Male Alignment: Villains (Team Illusion) Appearance: A shiny Roserade Personality: Calm, cold and collected. An absolute mastermind, but can sometimes get too ambituous and it shows. Remade Team Illusion after it was taken down.

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