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Hawkfang42's AvatarHawkfang42
Hawkfang42's Avatar
so basically I wanted something where you could see a summary of what you have done on your last few visits.
Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
May I ask why you believe this is important?
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Hawkfang42's AvatarHawkfang42
Hawkfang42's Avatar
Because I kind of wanted to do the journal but I forgot what I did. And so other people can do that if they forget before they start that
jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
I don't really see a purpose for this to be frank ^^ I can't imagine anybody forgetting anything relevant enough. I mean, if you can't remember it, obviously it wasn't super important right? haha
Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
Why can’t you just start a journal and keep track of things from here in out?
Hawkfang42's AvatarHawkfang42
Hawkfang42's Avatar
*facepalms* because I can't think
Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
What’s classed as a visit? Any time you log in? Any time you visit a pfq link after x amount of minutes/hours inactive? I’d love to see ‘retrieved and sent scours’ like eight times a day :p You’ve also got the Notepad section on the farm page to keep track of anything important, somewhat more accessible than a journal? idk it helps me keep track of things like hunt details and urls to come back to which is neato
Cailem042's AvatarCailem042
Cailem042's Avatar
Maybe we could have toggles for what it records, that way we won't have a history of every page we visit and every egg we hatch, unless we want that. I think it would help a lot to be specific, like what type of things should it record? I'd like a record of all the threads I've replied to.
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ALKALi's Avatar
What type of activity would this record? And I don't know a whole lot about a coding or running a site but would keeping track of all this information and then being able to display it later be a struggle for the server? Perhaps this could be lessened if the site only kept track of stuff from a certain time period, but it still seems like a lot of work for Sally. Like the others said, I think recording important information can be done in a journal or in the notepad.
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